Mother Nature

You remember her right? The one who gives us colours that even the best artists in the World can’t hope to recreate.

You remember her right? The one who gives us colours that even the best artists in the World can’t hope to recreate.


Who creates things so intricate that a Swiss watch maker would be jealous.

IMG_6281 (1)

Who’s valleys and mountains are beyond the scope of the finest architects.


That’s one clever woman isn’t it? It does beg the question then…….why do we keep doing our damnedest to bugger it all up?

Mother nature

In order to make things we don’t need that we then throw away……….


I wonder why we keep doing it….what do you think?

Lisa x



Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

22 thoughts on “Mother Nature”

  1. It amazes, and dismays me every single day. We now have at least 2 generations who have been well taught about looking after our planet. They learned about how precious life is, how important recycling is, and what needs to be done to halt the relentless decline. Yet, still people (lots of people) consume without regard to the present, or future. They throw packaging, and uneaten food onto the floor, flush all sorts of trash down their toilets and sinks, buy cheap clothes, made of oil based products and throw them away. We are all to blame, even those who consider themselves to be eco warriors.
    I am really thankful that I do not, and will never, have grandchildren, because I would hate to have to justify why we have ruined our planet!

    Meanwhile, Enjoy life!

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  2. Because we have become a Bic Lighter society. Everything used to come in reusable containers. Now you have to throw everything because God knows heat DOES NOT SANITIZE things right?

    I have canvas bags for the grocery store. Who doesn’t? Who WANTS all those plastic bags?

    I recycle. Who doesn’t?? and if you don’t ? WHY NOT?

    I have insulated water bottles and take water from home. Why spend all that money on a bottle of water? And if you DO? Do not complain about the price of gas! You are spending 4 – 8 times that much on WATER.

    It’s simple people. Save our world for our children and our children’s children.

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