That Moment of Terror….

As Halloween is coming fast upon us I wondered, do you remember the first time that a film or a TV series scared the bejeezus out of you? You know the sort of thing, you’re utterly terrified but  you just can’t tear your eyes away from the screen. I remember hiding behind the sofa when the Daleks ventured onto the set of Doctor Who but it was watching a film called the Medusa Touch which gave me my first experience with blind terror…

As Halloween is coming fast upon us I wondered, do you remember the first time that a film or a TV series scared the bejeezus out of you? You know the sort of thing, you’re utterly terrified but  you just can’t tear your eyes away from the screen. I remember hiding behind the sofa when the Daleks ventured onto the set of Doctor Who but it was watching a film called the Medusa Touch which gave me my first experience with blind terror…

I was at home on my own so I must have been a teenager and I guess it was early evening when I started watching the film. It wasn’t a horror film per se as it was distinctly lacking in blood and gore but the suspense! Oh my God! As psychological thrillers go this was up there with the best. It played with my mind in such a way that every slight noise in the house made me jump and huddle closer to the dog for comfort. I should point out that the dog in question was an extremely anti-social miniature dachshund who had little or not interest in scary films or hysterical teenagers and was therefore no help whatsoever but still……

It was getting towards the end of the film and the suspense had built and built; I could not take my eyes off the screen, I’m fairly sure I’d stopped blinking altogether by this point.

“What was that?!” I asked the dog

He didn’t answer but gave me a withering look and wandered off looking for food, obviously thoroughly exasperated with my jumps and gasps. This time, however, I wasn’t jumping at nothing, I could hear someone moving about upstairs; I broke into a cold sweat. I tried to tell myself that it was my over active imagination but then I heard footsteps on the stairs; the second from the top creaked……and there it was……creeaaak.

My heart was was going like the clappers, my palms were sweaty; what was I going to do? I was all alone in the house, I didn’t have time to get a weapon and the dog was no bloody use. I’d forgotten all about the film. I was on my feet and staring at the frosted glass door that separated hall from living room, there was someone there. I was frozen with terror as the door handle turned with unbearable slowness….

And then my Dad walked in. I screamed at the top of my lungs which in turn scared the crap out of him so he yelled causing the dog to come hurtling into the room, frantically barking and snarling and looking for someone to bite.

After we’d all calmed down a bit I figured out that, I’d been so intent on this damn film, I hadn’t heard my Dad come in from work. It was only in a very quiet and mind numbingly scary moment that my brain registered a presence.

Needless to say there were a few nightmares after all this and I was banned from watching scary films until I was 18. At 16, I watched the Amityville Horror at the cinema which, predictably gave me terrible nightmares which, in turn, woke up my parents…I was not popular!

What was your first scary movie? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you



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  1. Jaws. When it first came out, at the cinema. I was 9! I’ve loved horror movies ever since 🙂

    I remember Jon Pertwee as Dr Who and this was before Jaws but don’t recall any specific scary scenes.

    Loved your story!

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    1. Oh yes I’d forgotten about Jaws! The bit where the head (was it a head?) rolls out! That was a good one – who let you watch that at the age of 9???
      With Doctor Who there was a half man/half dalek character who scared the crap out of me but I can’t remember his name now.
      Thanks Darren :O) xxx


      1. It was a head, yes. My mother took me and my 7 year old brother.. Maybe this is why I never learned to swim until I was 51😄.

        Davros. First in Dr Who at around the same time – 1975. Tom Bakers first season.

        I am such a geek…..


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      2. Yes I think that could well be the reason! I must admit, when I’m snorkeling I’m always worried about coming across a shark. I saw something enormous under a rock in Thailand and as soon as it stuck it’s head out I was off! Never swim so fast 😂

        Davros! That was it! Thanks for being a geek Darren 😉 xxx

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  2. Oh Lisa! This is just what I needed today after a horror struck day yesterday, only it was real life not a horrir movie. I laughed hysterically at the description of your dad coming into the room and you scaring the crap out of him and the dog looking for someone to bite! God, that was SO funny!

    I don’t remember anything like that happening to me, but there us ine movie that has luved on in my mind, that impacts me still, today, many many tears later. In fact, thinking about it I might “watch” it later today on my iPad. Well, if I could remember the name of it that us. (And whoever invented iPads, you get a gold star. They have saved my life!). The movie is that one where a madman keeps aiming a long sharp point at the throats of females, very very slowly. Not sure if he yses a murror or not so they can see themselves dying. Yuk! So, since then, every time I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I am washing my hands while running away from the bathroom like hell, at the same time, complete with wet hands because I am too scared to stay in the bathroom to dry them. And the combination of the water running from the tap and the noise of the water in the toilet after pulling the chain just drives me insanem because that is another of my mivie instigated fears – rabies! You know – Old Yeller and all that! Lol. I am absolutely PETRIFIED. And we have ALWAYS had dogs. Four at one time. Now, we only have one, but had two up until a few months ago. But each night, when going to the bathroom, I am running like helk away from that sharp pointed thingy coming at my throat, and some rabid man foaming at the mouth coming to get me! Those are the images I have in my mind! I get to the bedroom screaming and hubby wonders what the gell is going on! I have never told him what I am running away from and he just knows it is the noise of the toilet chain flushing! One day I might tell him of my sti

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    1. What happened yesterday Lorraine? You OK?
      I don’t know the film with the pointy thing at the throat – perhaps one of our film buffs can help……
      I do know Old Yeller though and I can understand your fear when combining a rabid man with sharp pointy things! It’s a wonder that you ever use your bathroom quite frankly ;O) xxx

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      1. I know Lisa lol. Yesterday I had so much pain I thought I was dying. All my fear of cancer and dying came back. I have list so many friends to cancer, and family members too. I thought my cancer had come back because I was so ill. But today I feel much better. It tends to go like this. I alwats DO have pain, but yesterday it was worse than ever and being in bed ALL day just cut me off from the workd and U felt SO dark unside. Today I MUST get out!

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      2. Thanks for the hugs Lisa. I do get terrified at times. Esoecialky when I cannot keep going. I was a but worried about saying what was wrong because I did not know how your hysband died, and did not want to rouse any memories for you if it was cancer. Hope that did not happen.

        Just asked hubby, and the film was calked “Peeping Tom” we think!

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      3. Oh please don’t worry about that Lorraine; always here if you need a chat or a rant :O)
        My husband did die of cancer, of the oesophagus, but talking about it doesn’t worry me most of the time.
        I will definitely not be watching that film any time soon, I like to have a night time pee in peace ;O) xxx

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      4. Oh Lisa! I am so sorry. But please tell me to shut my gob if you need to. I will keepaway from that subject now.

        Lol when I wrote the words ‘Peeping Tom’ I at first wrote ‘Peeing Tom’ lol. Oh well…..

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  3. I remember watching Criminal Minds for the first time, I don’t really watch series but I got curious so I downloaded all the seasons. I was alone at our apartment and watching about death and serial killers scared the hell out of me. Ha ha. But I love it, my favourite, ever.

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  4. I too remember the Daleks! I was very little and they were doing a promotion we chances upon in London and I was terrified! I really thought they were real.
    The scariest memory I have was of a film called The Longest Night. My mum was away in Ireland, Dad had fallen asleep and didn’t realise we were still up so we watched this film that was totally unsuitable about a girl who was kidnapped from her bed and held for ransom in a coffin underground. It was based on a true story.
    She had enough water to last a set amount of time and a thing to provide light and air – but if she ran the light it wouldn’t work for so long. I think that’s what caused my claustrophobia as I can’t breathe thinking about it. I slept UNDER my bed not in it for over 6 months after that.

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      1. Long time ago now and I only ever saw snippets of it as we did not have a TV. I seem to remember a non human body being found, lots of dark towers oozing tar like substances, and a hero figure who could not get others to believe what he’d seen.


  5. I don’t remember the name of the film, how old I was, or what it was about, but it was in the 70’s and it was in the evening and the whole family was watching and I was so young. There was this rocking horse, I guess it was haunted and moved on its own or something, and it was something so childlike and innocent and became so possessed and evil. I couldn’t watch. I think I cried. I could not watch scary movies for YEARS afterwards.

    At some point, at maybe twice that age, I started watching scary movies again and it became a “what’s the big deal?” thing and something to laugh about. But I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that if THAT movie ever happened to come on randomly while I was watching I would break out in a cold sweat. Child trauma is the worst.

    Happy Last Week Before Halloween, Lisa!

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