I’d Really Like Your Opinion…

Hi Everyone – hope you’re all having a great Friday – this little post is to ask a favour (cheeky I know!)

In the last couple of years I’ve taken a liking to photography; I’ve felt like I’ve lost many memories over the years because I didn’t take pictures so now I try to take as many as possible. I’d like to maybe do something more with this hobby but I really have no idea if they’re any good so I’d appreciate anyone taking just a couple of minutes to let me know what they think – good or bad please just be honest. They were only taken on my i-phone so don’t be too harsh :o)

IMG_5056 (1)






IMG_4954 (1)





Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

10 thoughts on “I’d Really Like Your Opinion…”

  1. My first thought is that your camera is broken, because no place like this really exists, but if it is not broken, my next response is…please sign me up to visit!… The pictures are beautiful Lisa!

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  2. I thought I had written a response but there are a lot of things I mean to do but don’t get around to… I will be in Milan on tuesday….want to meet and we can jump together?

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