FOWC: Victim

Life transpires with hidden challenges 

Unforeseen, frequently unwelcome 

They test our fortitude, our courage 

Our desire to take another step 

Life transpires with hidden challenges

Unforeseen, frequently unwelcome

They test our fortitude, our courage

Our desire to take another step

Forward into  the predestined mire

We stumble and tumble, shattered glass

We take the knocks and devious blights

Oft blinded to, maybe, redemption

Woes hanging heavy in our psyche

And yet, always, there’s another road

Paved with fear and lined by doubt, no doubt

That leads to quietude, mind and soul

That road is for you, my worthy friend

Leave your troublesome burden behind

Divest yourself of that grim label


This poem was written in response to the Famous Fandango’s one word prompt.

Have a great weekend everyone

Lisa x



Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

13 thoughts on “FOWC: Victim”

  1. Hi, I “reblogged” your post but all links and resources will point back directly to your site. Hope that’s ok. I’m searching for those blogs that resonate with me as per my “sticky post.” By the way I get what you say … I’ve always been middle-aged myself… Since I could remember! 😉

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