FOWC: Hindsight

A cruel jest

Or a path to precious learning

A spiteful taunt

Or a route to ultimate peace

A cruel jest

Or a path to precious learning

A spiteful taunt

Or a route to ultimate peace

A mocking jibe

Or a comprehension of self

A cosmic joke

Or a recognition of error

A greener field

Or mastery of a pasture new

A life regret

Or subtly crafted momentum

This is hindsight

A curse or a gift? Up to you.

Written in response to another artful prompt from the fantastic Fandango.

Lisa x


Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

13 thoughts on “FOWC: Hindsight”

  1. True. You can take most things in life either way. It took me years to develop a hard skin whereby taunts etc did not hurt me. Then, you say, “What the heck!”

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      1. It can be hard to do though, and we only learn it through hard experience, and it is actually quite complicated. So many things feed into it. Lol I feel I would like to write a thesis on this. You have set my mind off again! We are only human in the end though, and it can be a difficult learning curve, and we can fall back, and then have to re-learn over and over. It can depend on so much as well. Sheesh, life is nevef simple is it! I want to write more on this. Thanks for this post Lusa. Mi wonder what inspired you to write it. It is good anyway xo

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      2. Glad it inspired you to write on the subject – I’ll look forward to reading that 😊
        To be honest I have no idea where the inspiration came from, other than Fandango’s prompt but, then again I rarely do 😂 xx

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      3. Lol Lisa. It was a good prompt. Not one I took up at the time though. Hmmm. Not sure where I will write my expanded ideas lol. So much has come to mind this morning as I have been reading other people’s posts. My brain is like that. Sometimes it just really wants to get its teeth into something and tease it all out! It’s what I used to do for a living, and I can’t stop doing it lol. I have read so many ideas this morning, that have put questions into my mind. I am still that little girl, hanging onto her grandmother’s hand saying, “Where is God? Where do the stars go to in the daytime? How big is the Universe? What is death? Why do we get born if we are going to die?” And much more besides. I wonder how long I have got in which to plumb the depths of these questions? Lol. Not long enough, I am sure, for maybe there are no definitive a swers to so many things. Doesn’t stop me thinking though lol. You are a real deep thinker too Lisa. We could have some great cinversations! Xo

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      4. It was a great prompt :O)
        I think it’s great that you have so many questions, it’s wonderful when our brains are alive like that – for me, that’s real freedom :O)
        Perhaps you could pose those questions to our WP friends – it would be interesting to see what responses you got.
        Yep I think we could put the World to rights ;O) xx


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