Rory’s Oh No Way, Oh So Way

I don’t know why but I couldn’t resist responding to Rory’s questions, maybe it’s because they’re so bizarre or maybe I just feel like sharing, who knows? Anyhoo, the man of many questions put it out there so here goes:

I don’t know why but I couldn’t resist responding to Rory’s questions, maybe it’s because they’re so bizarre or maybe I just feel like sharing, who knows? Anyhoo, the man of many questions put it out there so here goes:

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – Injured myself whilst trying to impress someone.

I can’t say that I have but I did injure someone else whilst trying to impress them. When I was about 19 I was asked out by a male model (who turned out to be insufferably full of himself) and our first date was, oddly, on a squash court. I’d played a few times before but really wanted to impress him so I gave it my all. He, unfortunately, made the mistake of getting too close behind me and…….well, basically, I knocked him out with my squash racket. He was only out for a couple of seconds but he did not take it well as you can imagine; I don’t think I helped my case by laughing my socks off – opps! Strangely we did go out again but, as I said, his only topic of conversation was himself and I was thoroughly bored after a few hours so I dumped him, no doubt adding insult to injury.

Pretended to be a raccoon and eaten from the trash can.

Possibly when drunk but I have no memory of it…….

Taken part in a fashion show.

If watching one counts then yes

Made money by performing on the street.

Not on the street but I was in a group when I was 18 and we performed (not very well I hasten to add) in a pub; does that count?

Accidentally broken something in someone’s house, but not told them.

Yes. It was a sleeping bag. I was staying with a friend after a late night out and my bed for the night was of the camping variety i.e. canvas strung between two poles and balanced, precariously, on narrow legs which, I am sure, were not designed to bear the weight of anything heavier than a hamster. By some miracle I had managed to get myself into the sleeping bag, arrange myself on the narrow camp bed and sleep (or possibly fall into an alcohol induced coma). However, my drunken fumblings with the zip the night before had ensured that vast swathes of material were trapped between the little teeth. Several minutes of writhing did nothing other than collapse the camp bed and deposit me, face down, on a heap on the floor. I eventually freed myself but the sleeping bag was, sadly, to all intents and purposes, murdered.

Walked for more than six hours.

Yes, often. I like shopping, what can I say?

Stolen from a shop.

Yes. A handful of sweets when I was a kid. It wasn’t worth it; I still feel anxious any time I see a policeman!

Ridden a horse.

Yes. I started riding when I was 5 and I love it, especially jumping and galloping along a beach. Unfortunately, this passion has been the cause of a number of injuries, mostly caused by the horse stopping in front of a jump and me….well, not stopping.

Jumped out of a perfectly stable aircraft.

Nope, I’m too much of a wuss.

Cut my own hair.

Yes and it never ended well. I have also coloured my own hair just about every shade of the rainbow and ginger (after a rather unfortunate experience with some henna)

Performed my own dentistry.

As a kid yes, once a tooth started wobbling that was it, it was going to come out come hell or high water.

Fallen in love at first glance.

Yes. With my husband and I never fell out of love with him

Had a paranormal experience.

Yes. On 3 separate occasions I have seen people who were not actually there – ghosts for want of a better word. The last time was the most disturbing. My husband and I were looking to buy a house in France and we’d gone to see and old farm house with about 100 acres. As soon as I saw the house I had a bad feeling about it and said that I would wait outside whilst my husband and the agent looked around. It was a sunny day but I found myself feeling chilled and distinctly uneasy.

As I looked at the outside of the house, I noticed a movement inside and then a woman of about 30 came running out of the front door and into the garden. She was obviously terrified and kept looking behind her as though she were being chased. She was dressed in a long dress which had a white apron over the top and her was was long but roughly pinned up on the top of her head. In the time that it took me to notice all that she was gone. I had a profound sense that something awful had happened to her and I started to cry. My husband didn’t call me crazy or question what I told him, he just gave me a huge hug; one of the many reasons I loved him….

Anyway that’s it. These were fun questions, I am sure Rory won’t mind if you have a go at answering them yourself ;O)

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

28 thoughts on “Rory’s Oh No Way, Oh So Way”

  1. Hey Lisa, excellent, thanks for playing along.

    Oh l so can relate to some of those stories indeed, l was counting my own up, and like you l too am 12/13 more or less in the same style. I mean WHO jumps out of a perfectly stable aircraft anyway???

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      1. Better than I was thanks Lisa. The snowdrops were out yesterday – SO early in the year. And someone was kind to me. It made all the difference. Today I might paint the town red. Only it might be blue as I can’t see colour lol

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