I think therefore I am. 

The more that I think 

The less I am 

To you all

I think therefore I am.

The more that I think

The less I am

To you all

Do you

Still see me

As you pass by

Or am I now lost

Inside my broken mind

Having one of those days so I’ll catch you guys later

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

28 thoughts on “Invisible”

      1. Lovely Lisa, a wonderful response, and sharing souls in the sands of time helps us realise we are not invisible nor alone. I hope you are coping ok, and being good to yourself 😋 😊 💛

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  1. 😦… I’m so sorry that you’re a bit down, Lisa. Those thoughts seem to hit us harder on some days than others. Please know you have so many people who adore you and know that we’ll be here when you are ready to face the world again. Sending you a bunch of warm hugs and lots of love, my friend. Take care. ❤️ xx

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