FOWC: Credit

“Girls” his voice thundered “Girls! Where are you?”

‘Those bloody kids’ he thought ‘where the hell have they wandered off to now’.

“Gina! Find the girls, we’re going to be late” he picked up his whiskey and took a gulp.

“Girls” his voice thundered “Girls! Where are you?”

‘Those bloody kids’ he thought ‘where the hell have they wandered off to now’.

“Gina! Find the girls, we’re going to be late” he picked up his whiskey and took a gulp.

Even his damn wife was on the missing list! What had he done to deserve this life? A top executive, more money than he knew what to do with, he could have had any woman he wanted, why did he land himself with bloody Gina? Granted she’d been hot in her day, that’s why he married her after all, beautiful face, great body….hhhmm yeah definitely a great little bod. A fleeting smile crossed his lips as Stefan remembered the first time he’d claimed her as his own….

As quickly as it had arrived, however, the smile was replaced with a frown as he bellowed once more

“If we’re late for this dinner Gina, I’m going to make you pay, get your bloody arse down here now!”

‘It’s those damn kids’ he thought ‘she’s mollycoddled them since the day they were born’. He’d given into her when she’d said she’d wanted kids, he’d have given her anything at the time, but what a mistake that was! He’d figured that they’d have a boy to carry on the family name; a nanny for the first few years and then packed off to boarding school but no, what had he got? Twin girls! Savannah and Rain, Gina’s choice obviously; he’d tried to indulge her after they were born but Christ! Her figure was in ruins, she had no interest in pleasing him any more, her only thoughts were for those damn kids!

He wouldn’t mind but the girls, despite all the attention that their mother lavished on them, seemed indifferent to her. He was sure that they loved her…..actually he wasn’t sure, it almost seemed as though they didn’t even like her sometimes; they were a strange pair, no doubt about it. Of course, they were all over him like a rash, always looking for his approval, always trying to find some pathetic way to get his attention. God! What had he done to deserve such a weak and spineless bunch of females?

Stefan looked at his watch, startled to see that it was almost 7.30. Shit! Now they were actually late! He put down his glass and heaved himself out of the chair, clenching his fists as he marched through the house in search of his family.

“Gina! Girls! Just wait ’till I get my hands on you!”

He flung open door after door until he finally got to the nursery, his anger building with every step that he took. He knew it! She was still with those damn kids! Turning the door handle he raised his fist in preparation for the lesson he was going to teach them all.

Savannah looked up as her father entered, Rain was still concentrating on the game that they’d been playing.

“Rain? Rain, what have you done?” Stefan felt his knees give way and he crashed onto the nursery floor.

Rain was kneeling over her mother, cutting at her throat over and over, there was blood everywhere.

“It wasn’t just Rain Daddy” Savannah reached over and took her Father’s hand.

“Wh..wh..what do you mean?” he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his wife’s lifeless body

“I helped” Stefan turned to look at his daughter, she was smiling, a hopeful expression on her little face

“Why would you tell me that? Why?” he’d put his hands on her shoulders and was shaking her, she started to cry

“I just didn’t want Rain to take all the credit……..”

A gruesome little tale written in response to Fandango’s daily one word prompt so thanks to him for unleashing my inner psycho ;O)

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

21 thoughts on “FOWC: Credit”

  1. Ooo, I do like this!
    More please, and can we include a zapper?

    This MUST be the headline story in your short story collection, entitled “Short Cuts.” Can I be a beta reader please? (and the cost of the title is a signed copy of the book!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Peter, I’m sure I can squeeze a zapper in somewhere 😉
      I’ve no idea what a beta reader is but sure why not 😁 must admit I quite like the idea of a short story collection, I don’t seem to have the stamina for a long one 😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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