What Will Be Left?

One day you will be gone, to ashes or dust

Your short time over, finished, no mess, no fuss

All you will leave in your place is memories

One day you will be gone, to ashes or dust

Your short time over, finished, no mess, no fuss

All you will leave in your place is memories

I have one question, I beg you, listen please

For all those who love you, won’t see you again

Will the memories be happy or nothing but pain?

I have written this for two bloggers who may or may not realise that it’s for them. I’m not going to tell you who they are as their stories are not mine to tell but they touched me and this simple poem is for them, written with love and sympathy.

Someday, someone will have to live with nothing more than memories of you, please make them happy ones.




Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

10 thoughts on “What Will Be Left?”

  1. Thank you, on their behalf.
    I often think that what strangers may think of us, after death, based on recounted stories, is a good indicator of our worth. However, I am content to spread a little cheer here and there along the way to our eventual forgotten state.

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    1. Yes, I think that you’re right Peter.
      I listened to something a while back, I think it was Osho or Sadhguru, and they said that our life, in the grand scheme of things, is of no consequence whatsoever and eventually all memory of us will cease to exist – a thought I found strangely comforting :O) xx

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  2. Whoever they are, that was nice of you.
    I think of my funeral as the true litmus test. Not the attendance so much, but what will people say about you? How will you be remembered?
    It’s a good guide as we interact with others. When you walk away, what if that was the last time you see them?

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    1. Thank you.
      For my funeral, I won’t care I’ll be dead but I’d like to think that people will share some happy memories of time they spent with me.
      Yes, absolutely, if we remember that life is short and it could be the last time we see someone the moments we pass with them will be all the better for us and them – great philosophy :O) xx

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  3. Lusa, I just fead this, and what a wonderful, kind person you are. I do hope that the people whom this post was about, see it, and find comfort, encouragement, and courage from it. The poem that you wrote is beautiful, and true, and makes you think. What an absolutely beautuful pist from a very beautiful person. Much love to you Lisa xo

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