FOWC: Impose

“I don’t understand why you won’t sign, what difference will it make to you really?”

The man looked at his inquisitor with sad eyes; he pitied his lack of comprehension but more he pitied his lack of curiosity. Why do men follow orders so blindly he wondered.

“I don’t understand why you won’t sign, what difference will it make to you really?”

The man looked at his inquisitor with sad eyes; he pitied his lack of comprehension but more he pitied his lack of curiosity. Why do men follow orders so blindly he wondered.

“You say that this will make no difference to me and yet you are asking me to renege on everything that I hold dear; the fundamental beliefs on which I have based my entire life. Tell me, how can this make no difference?”

“For God’s sake man! It’s just a piece of paper! You can think or believe what you like, you just need to say that the King is right in this matter and you can go free”

It was so simple for the questioner. He really couldn’t fathom why the man who sat before him was so stubborn. Yes he had his faith but what would change if the Pope was head of the church or the King? Personally he didn’t care and in any case he could always repent when it was his time to die and God would forgive him. He knew he wasn’t an educated man but, to him, this seemed like a simple matter.

“Let me put it to you like this. Do you believe that the Pope was appointed by God to be His representative on Earth?”

“Well yes but the King has said…….”

“No matter, I won’t push you for an answer. I believe that God appointed the Pope therefore I believe it is God’s will that he heads the church in England. If I sign this paper and agree that the King is head, it is to deny the will of God, which is to deny his omnipotence. If I do not accept that God is all powerful and all knowing then I cannot accept that he is God and must therefore deny Himthis I cannot and will not do”

“Yes but as I said you don’t have to change your beliefs, you just have to sign the paper”

The inquisitor was becoming exasperated, he’d been told that before him was the most educated man in the kingdom but he was beginning to think that he’d been lied to.

“To sign the paper is to deny God and to lie and I will do neither. However, I will also say nothing against or about the King in this matter; if I say nothing, how can I offend his Majesty?”

“Look, everyone has signed it because the King has demanded it and you are no different. If you don’t sign it’s Treason and you will lose your head so you don’t really have much of a choice”

He’d lost patience now and just laid it on the line.

“It is there that you mistake me my friend; I do indeed have a choice. The worst that you can do to me is to take my life, whatever happens I will lose it one day; if I deny God I could lose my soul and that would be for all eternity. I will not sign so you must do what you have to do but you will not impose your will on me”

The guard shook his head and walked out of the cell wondering both at the man’s stupidity and how he could look so serene when facing certain death; he would never understand some people……..

This, once again, is in response to the one word prompt from the ever creative Fandango and it’s how I imagined the conversation between Sir Thomas More and those who questioned him. He was eventually beheaded because he wouldn’t accept the King as head of the church in England. Personally I can’t imagine having a faith so strong that I would lose my life for it…..what do you think? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

20 thoughts on “FOWC: Impose”

  1. It has always given me the creeps imagining both catholics and protestants bravely adhering to their faith, especially as the goal posts kept moving! Faith that strong to believe you will be welcomed to a better place seconds after the blow of the axe must be wonderful. I like to imagine God saying ‘Sorry, I’m afraid you got it wrong…’ hopefully adding ‘but your heart was in the right place so come on in.’

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  2. This is an absolutely brilliant write up of histiry as you imagine it might have happened Lisa. You really should write a book of these stories about historical events. You personalise it SO well. It would be good for children learning history tobread things like thus. Not just cold facts, but making it human. I believe you could be an anazing edhcator in thus way Lisa, but I don’t know how you would go about getting it published. Getting,published is so hard nowadays. I can just imagine that conversation going on. It is brilliant. You have a gift. Xoxo

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    1. Ah bless you Lorraine you’re so very kind. I must admit I have thought about writing a book from the perspective of Henry VIII but, as you say, it’s incredibly difficult to get published these days. I haven’t given up on the idea though. Thanks again my friend, your lovely comments really make my day 😊 xxx

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      1. Lusa, please don’t give up on the udea. You have a very great and original talent there. I would love to see you do this. Don’t worry about the getting publushed bit right now. Deal with that later, when it is time. Just write. See where it takes you. You have time. I feel it deep deep in my bones that you have it in you to do this. Rake it a chunk at a time – not bug chunks. Jyst write. Write as you feel. You have the kniwkedge. But you also have somethung extea that others don’t have. You have a FEEL for it. Guve ut a go. If you want to, that us lol xoxo

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      2. Do you know what Lorraine, you are really motivating me to do this! I’d have to take a break from the blog but I think you’re right, it’s something I need to do. Thank you my friend for all your love and support – it means so much to me :O) xxx

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      3. Great, Lisa. If you take a break please could we stay in contact via email? I think that many people would sorely miss your Blog, but it is what you need to do for yourself that is impirtant. Bless you Lusa xxxx

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