#FOWC: Disrupt

“Is this what they mean by a bridezilla?” asked Tony looking fearfully at his fiance.

He couldn’t understand it, Jayne was normally a level headed kind of girl, why was she getting so bent out of shape over something so trivial?

“Is this what they mean by a bridezilla?” asked Tony looking fearfully at his fiance.

He couldn’t understand it, Jayne was normally a level headed kind of girl, why was she getting so bent out of shape over something so trivial?

“You know what women are like mate For us it’s just a pair of shoes, for them it’s the end of the frigging world”

Chris tried to calm his agitated friend, after all, as best man, that was his job but it was getting increasingly difficult. Unfortunately this was not the first time that Jayne had thrown a tantrum of epic proportions and Chris could see that it was wearing Tony down.

“I ordered those shoes weeks ago, how can they not be here?!? Tomorrow is my wedding day and you’re telling me that I have no fucking shoes?!”

Jayne was now yelling at the top of voice at the poor shop assistant who looked like he was about to burst into tears.

“Madam, what can I say? I’m sorry. I’m sure if we look we can find something else for you” He was almost pleading with her

“I don’t want something else you moron! I want my shoes”

In a fit of rage she kicked out at the shoe boxes littering the floor and the contents flew out in all directions.

“Right! That’s enough” said Tony

He grabbed his fiance by the arm and marched her out of the shop feeling both furious and humiliated

“How could you speak to that lovely guy like that? He was only trying to help. For Christ’s sake Jayne” He ran his fingers angrily through his hair, he was so tired of all this drama

“He lost my shoes Tony! MY FUCKING SHOES!”

Passers by were turning to stare at them, curious as to what was going on; Tony could feel his face burning with embarrassment. It appeared that Jayne was on a roll and was now screeching like a banshee, her face distorted with annoyance and frustration.

“Jayne…..for God’s sake stop it, it’s just a pair of shoes, calm down”

He put his hands on her shoulders and spoke gently hoping that she would get a grip on herself and stop all these ridiculous theatrics.

“THIS TIME it’s the shoes, before that it was the cake; my theme is lilac and the cake is frigging peach! Peach Tony!”

Her faced was flushed red now and he couldn’t help thinking how ugly she looked with her hair in disarray and spittle flying from her mouth…

“Before that it was the flowers! I ordered white lilies and the florist got me yellow so now I have what? A lilac theme, a peach cake and yellow lilies! It’s a disaster Tony and complete bloody disaster”

He’d heard about the flowers and the cake at great length and he was sick of it. The baker and the guy in the florist could not have been more contrite when he’d spoken to them. Yes, they’d made mistakes but they’d been quite charming about it and had refunded the money so what was the problem. The colours weren’t quite right and Jayne needed to find some new shoes; none of that merited such an appalling public meltdown.

Jayne was saying something but he really hadn’t been listening, he’d had enough. Taking a deep breath he said

“Look Jayne, I’m sorry but I can’t marry you. You’re not the person I thought you were and these last few days I’ve seen a side of you that I just know I can’t live with. I’m sorry”

Chris watched from the shoe shop just across the road as Tony recoiled from a vicious slap round the face. Jayne had stormed off in a flood of tears cursing her now ex-fiance to a life time of pain and suffering.

“He won’t thank you for it sweetie” The shop manager whispered in Chris’ ear.

“What can I say Brian, I love him, I had to do something to disrupt the wedding”

Chris left the shop, mentally thanked Steve and Paul, the baker and florist – such dear boys – and went to comfort Tony with arms outstretched. He pitied the man, he really did but he couldn’t stay in the closet forever.

This post is in response to another one word prompt from Fandango; they’re great fun so why not play along?

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

23 thoughts on “#FOWC: Disrupt”

  1. Wow I didn’t see that coming. But you know, I was feeling quite sympsthetic towards Jayne! I mean, what a mess up of colours. I didn’t think she was being unreasonable at all lol. Maybe I am nuts too! Ha !

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      1. Oh, BRILLIANT Lisa. There are bits in it that I didn’t want to do, but there are a lot of things in it that I can do in my imagination, or substitute with something a bit less likengoing to an isolated spot and sitting there for a while. I can imagine quite a lot even if I can’t do it. Enjoy!

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  2. I personally think the bride is egocentric and selfish. It’s a pair of shoes that for the most part no one sees….People are living in refugee camps, going without food, barely making it, and she is focused on the stupid shoes, really???
    At my most recent wedding imagine their being a glitch in that your zipper has a kink in it that was not there when you bought it and does not close ( the wedding dress that is) 1.5 hours before the wedding. After 15 minutes I was ready to throw something else on and proceed. It was just a dress after all…. my fiance and daughter got it to close and I moved on with my day.

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