The Existential Crisis of Grief — Grief Compass

I came across this article and there was one sentence contained within it which really made me think and has somewhat changed my perspective; I just had to share it with you all

Lisa x

In the last article we addressed the question of why. Which is a massive question. Why did they die? Why him? Why her? The other side of that coin is why not him? Why not her? Why not me?

via The Existential Crisis of Grief — Grief Compass

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

14 thoughts on “The Existential Crisis of Grief — Grief Compass”

  1. Lisa, yours is always the first Blog I look for in a morning. I have read this article, and many things strike me, and I would like to comment on them later when I am more together. Thankyou for pisting it Lisa. I liken many of the things that the article says. I can see why it would make some people mad though. I think it mught depend on what stage of grief you are at as to how you react to it. Food for thought Lusa. Lots of love to you today. Xo

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    1. Ah bless you Lorraine, that really means a lot to me. I wasn’t sure about posting at first because I wondered if it would offend some but then I reread it and had to because I found that it offered me some comfort and I hoped it would to others.
      I really look forward to reading your comments later and love and hugs back at you :O) xx


      1. I guess we often wonder if what we post will offend some. I certainly fo. I guess though, with grief, it is really difficult because the last thing you would want to do is hurt or offend someone in grief. Actually it is a good article because utbis not too long to read, not, mire later lol. I am half awake lol

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      2. I know just what you mean Lisa. I think also, though, that anyone who is grieving will know that you are going through this too, and so will relate in some way. I so agree with what you are saying. Xxxx

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  2. It is always difficult to accept the death of a loved one, especially when it comes way too soon. No matter what anyone says, or does, it is quite natural to think, and say, “this is not fair!”. In fact, that is exactly the way I started blogging, when my big sister died. She had, in fact, a fairly long life, but I still felt that it was unfair, in all sorts of ways.
    Thank you for reblogging this Lisa.

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