#FOWC – Tantrum

Morning all :O) There are quite a few challenges and prompts circulating Wordpress at the moment so I thought I’d take up the gauntlet and give one a go. Here you have it then, my first attempt at Fandango’s one word challenge; today’s word is ‘tantrum’…….

Morning all :O) There are quite a few challenges and prompts circulating WordPress at the moment so I thought I’d take up the gauntlet and give one a go. Here you have it then, my first attempt at Fandango’s one word challenge; today’s word is ‘tantrum’…….

She is 28 years old and she stands before her husband, a rich and powerful man, 10 years her senior, with a look of defiance on her face. Her knees are weak with fear but she will be damned if she’ll give in to this bully that she married; she lifts her chin and prays her voice will sound strong…..

“What exactly are you accusing me of now?”

 She’s tired of his temper, his pettiness, all the things he does to hack away at her self-esteem. A few weeks ago he was all over her, showering her with presents and now this; she wished she could just divorce him and be done with it all.

“You know what! You cheated on me, you slept with another man; more than one!”

Her husband roars her, his spit hitting her face with the force of his words. He is determined to break her this time, bend her to his will

Despite her disgust, she does not flinch. The accusation is entirely without merit, he knows and and she knows it but rather than simply deny it she says quietly

“Prove it!”

“You’ve been seen. People have told me”

His face is red with anger and he gesticulates wildly as if to indicate her accusers. Why can’t she just admit that it’s all her fault, he asks himself; the new woman he’d been seeing didn’t get on at him like this. He’d made sure that she knew who was boss right from the start. The thought of her surrender brought a faint smile to his lips…

‘He’s mocking me’ she thought and the spark of her anger ignited

“Your so-called friends you mean? The ones who’ve been lining their pockets by sucking up to you and pandering to your ridiculous vanity?”

She’s almost laughing at him now, knowing that she’s touched a nerve.

“They showed me something that one of them wrote to you, a little love letter”

He says it in a sing song voice but his eyes are cold and it takes everything she has not to back away from him.

“So someone writes me a love letter and suddenly I’m guilty? Oh grow up!”

He raises his fist and she’s sure that he’s going to hit her, she can’t help but shy away, he’s completely lost control.

“You’re a whore and you will pay”

The venom in his voice poisons any little hope that she had remaining……

Several days later, as Anne laid her weary head on the block, she wondered at the absurdity of losing her head because her husband had lost his; it had really been nothing more than a royal tantrum…..



Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

31 thoughts on “#FOWC – Tantrum”

  1. I was thinking you were “late on parade “ this morning and then along comes a stunning post.
    Have you thought of putting together a compilation of historic events in a similar fashion because there must be a book in there somewhere.
    A job for the wintry months maybe?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Morning Dodge :O)
      I think I’ve gone into hibernation mode – I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning!
      That’s actually not a bad idea except that I would have to read up on my history – have loads of knowledge about Henry VIII and Elizabeth I but I’m distinctly hazy about pretty much any other period in history ;O)
      Thanks for the ‘stunning’ by the way, that means a lot coming from you :O) xx

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    1. Ah bless you Lorraine :O) Yes I’m fine thanks. I had an early pilates lesson this morning so didn’t write before I went and then I sat down to work and WP was on a go slow (as it has been for a while) so I thought I’d delete some media thinking that would speed things up…..it didn’t. As I never read things properly I deleted loads of pics from my media folder which also then deleted them from my posts so I’ve spent the last hour resurrecting them! I shall now hopefully write something :O)
      Thanks so much for your concern – it really means a lot to me xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Lisa lol. Yes, I find that WordPress is on a Go Slow quite often, and I get SOOO frustrated because I am dying to post a poem and can’t. Lol. Iwas a bit worried that my concern might have seemed intrusive, but knowing that you post every day, I wondered if you were ill or something. What a bugger about losing all that stuff though. Anyway, have a great day Lisa. Much love to you x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, it seems to go through fits and starts doesn’t it?
        It wasn’t intrusive at all Lorraine, it was absolutely lovely :O) You have a great day too and love and hugs back at you xx


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