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Dear Friend, I met sadness yesterday, we’ve been acquainted for so long that now I can actually call him my best friend now. Not that I liked being around him or that his presence makes me feel good but he always sticks around with me when no one else does and still, I don’t appreciate […]

via Letters from a Cupid — The Rendezvous Club

I just had to share this with you all; I read it and then just couldn’t find the words to express how much it resonated with me. I know that many of you have experienced tough times, loss, grief and anxiety and I think that you’ll understand and appreciate this amazing letter

Lisa x


Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

4 thoughts on “Letters from a Cupid — The Rendezvous Club”

  1. Yes, we all live in a world that often favours diplomacy and fake smiles. And so we’re left up alone, with our sadness and grief. There are times when there ain’t a single person who can prove to be a guide to overcome this pain and this is where we start writing such letters. According to me, we’d never appreciate the monsoon rains if we had never faced the hot dry storms. We’d never appreciate the warm summers if we had never faced the harsh winters. Very similarly, we’d never understand the importance of the happy jolly days, if we had never known its absence, if we had never known pain. And moreover every memory of grief is a lesson learnt for life. So a loss in a day can surely prove to be a gain for life? So never stop being optimistic, whatever happens, happens for good!

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