No, not the awesomely brilliant TV series, you. Are you one of those that has an abundance of friends? Do you walk into bars and everybody knows your name, are you hailed by 20 people as you walk half a mile down the street? Perhaps you’re a loner or you don’t like opening up to others and therefore only have a select few but very close friends?

No, not the awesomely brilliant TV series, you. Are you one of those that has an abundance of friends? Do you walk into bars and everybody knows your name, are you hailed by 20 people as you walk half a mile down the street? Perhaps you’re a loner or you don’t like opening up to others and therefore only have a select few but very close friends?

I fall into the second category simply because I really, really don’t like meeting new people (brain empties itself and all saliva disappears simultaneously) and because it takes me a very long time to share anything ‘real’ about myself. However, yesterday I understood the benefits of being a friend to everyone.

IMG_6123I was with my best friend and we’d gone over to Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat for lunch and then had a lovely walk along the shore, took some photos, I fell over my flip flops once or twice; a not untypical day. Anyway, after half and hour or so of strolling around we decided to go back to the car (actually it was more a case that I was sweating so much I feared I would dissolve and demanded that we go back to the tiny air-conditioned sanctuary that is my car).

My face close enough to the vents to get my eyelashes sucked in, I turned the key in the ignition and……nothing other than a slightly embarrassed coughing noise. My car was poorly! Fortunately, my best friend knows everyone and within 10 minutes a lovely young guy arrived with a set of jump leads. Not only that, after another brief conversation in high speed French (there isn’t really any other kind to be honest) with another friend, an appointment had been made and we were on our way to the nearest Fiat dealership.

An hour later I was back at home with my car restored to full health. Had I been alone it would have been a very different story. While I have learned enough French to have a reasonable conversation, my knowledge does not extend to explaining that my car is telling me to check something and refusing to start. I don’t know what I was supposed to be checking but there was an exclamation mark so I assume it was important. Added to that I have virtually zero sense of direction so there would have been a very slim chance that I could have guided someone to me who did have said knowledge.

So, what would I have done? Panicked, lost every atom of moisture in my body while waiting for someone to rescue me (it was really warm yesterday), berated myself for learning the French words for shoes and boots but not engine and gearbox? No, I’d have called my best friend of course :O)

Whether you have 100’s or just one or two, value your friends because you never know when you’ll need them. Thanks Will :O)

What do you love most about your best friend? I’d love to hear from you.

Lisa x

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Middle-aged 20 something

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  1. Wow! What an experience. I have often wondered what I would do in such a situation, and something DID happen to me one time with my car! I was doing an M,A, with the University of Leeds (part tim, in my firties then). I had to travel every Wednesday evening to the Unuversity for my module – to a class. My home was about fifty miles away, so quite a trek along the motorway. My hysband was working away in London at the time and one such evening, I returned from the class to my car in the car park, got in, turned the key, put it into gear, and mived forwards. Mistake!!! Little did I know, as it was pitch black, that there was a little lowish wall in front of me, that I could not see from my drivers seat. Next thing I knew, I was stuck in the wall, and my carvwould go neither forwards nor backwards! Did I panuc? Steangely, no! I decided I would ha e to start walking along the motorway, home lol. Where were my brains? In the wall with the bloody car lol. Normally I would have called my hysband. But he was in London! And it was 10 o’clock at night! Suddenly a security man apoeared (the car park had been deserted until that point) and, seeing my car sticking out of the wall, he told me to get into the driver’s seat and follow his instructions. Well, not normally one to follow a man’s instructions lol I decided that there is a first time for everything. As I pushed hard on the accelerator, he pulked and pulked, and lo and behold the car emerged with a jolt from within the wall! A quick check and the car seemed okay to drive home! At that time I did not have any real friends – more, acquaintances. But he sure was a friend that night!

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      1. Are you still writing about your hysband? I never got started on mine as was ill yesterday. I must look for your pist on it. I hope you did not delete it. I wondered if I could email you to see how we could co-ordinate and encourage each other. Are we gling to post what we write on our sites? Looking forward to getting going xxxx

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      2. I did take the post down yes because I was feeling too vulnerable to leave it up to be honest. I thought about the advice that people gave and I just don’t have enough detachment to write this story at the moment. Saying that I’d be happy to work with you on yours 😊 xxxx

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      3. Aww. Thanks for telling me Lisa. I so understand about making yourself vulnerable. I iften feel that too, because I do sometimes put the truth about myself and my lufe out there. Then, quite often, I wish I had not done it. Plus, so many people come in with so many things, asking if you want help, or giving pep talks, or just totally mistaking your moid, so I truly do know what you mean. I don’t know that we can ever be truly objective about some things that we experience. Maybe one day you will do it. Lots and lots of live Lisa xxxx

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  2. I feel like everyone knows me or parts of me probably because of the outrageous things I say and do, unfortunately I don’t remember a lot of people unless they have done me a kindness of some sort…im usually so wrapped up in my thoughts I don’t notice….goodness that sounds terrible b

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  3. For example when my kids where younger I went door to door trying to petition our neighborhood association to put in a park for the kids…i meet so many people I couldn’t remember most of their names, but when I was at a grocery store they (or their kids) remembered me…the nickname park lady stuck for a bit….

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  4. Great post. My best friend is my wife. She is my better half and I could not imagine my life without her. She makes me laugh like no one else and makes my life priceless✨

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  5. I’m glad you were saved.
    I fall into the second category myself. Due to a multitude of factors. One of few is that I’m majorly self-sufficient. Two of few – I am not a big human lover.
    I kept getting told to make friends because of all the connections that might come in handy, but like I felt as if it was too much effort for something that might, or might not be needed in the future. But then, at some point in my life, I decided to give it a go. Aaaaannnd… I got majorly disappointed. Time and time again.
    I’ll stick to my few true friends. Thank you very much.

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  6. True are very hard to find. But if you have ’em, you’re blessed. I have 5 best friends in college and 3 in school. The only people I count on. I take time to share stuff about me but they just know everything. They know every tear behind my smiles and every smile behind my tears even when it’s not obvious. All you need is a friend who, when you say”I’m fine”, hugs you and tells you “I know you’re not” and loves you for who you are as a person. I’m blessed. They’re in my prayers all the time❤️ Very nice post!

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