Advertising: Free Space for Rant

This is a completely free, one time offer to all my fellow bloggers. Do you have days when you are pissed off with the world in general and you really want to let rip? Do you keep it to yourself so that you don’t offend/have to live with the recriminations/upset those you love etc etc? If so this space is for you – you can rent a vent :O)

This is a completely free, one time offer to all my fellow bloggers. Do you have days when you are pissed off with the world in general and you really want to let rip? Do you keep it to yourself so that you don’t offend/have to live with the recriminations/upset those you love etc etc? If so this space is for you – you can rent a vent :O)

One of my friends gave me this idea (thanks Floriane) as she felt that it would be therapeutic to let some stuff out by writing it down and I thought ‘I’ve got a blog! What better place is there to lose your shit?’ Then I thought ‘Why keep it to yourself? We all need a good old rage every now and again so why not give everyone a chance? They’ll either thank you for it or you’ll have to start looking for some new followers tomorrow’.

Anyway, knowing what a great bunch you are and also how many of you have some serious crap to deal with I’m going ahead:

“Do you have any idea how much I hate you Cancer? Can you even begin to possibly fathom how deep my loathing is for you? You came, without warning, for no fucking reason at all and you took the only man I have ever really loved.

You brought him fear and pain and unbelievable suffering and for what??? You are a parasite, a pathetic life sucking, hope draining parasite and you murdered him. You leeched out his life force, his happiness, his dreams. You took away his future for fucks sake! And I watched it! You forced me to watch as you slowly destroyed him – you evil, sick twisted little bastard!

Oh sure  you left me with memories but what good are memories? I can’t touch a memory or hold it or kiss it can I? And do you know the problem with memories You can’t get shot of them; I can’t wipe out the ones that I want to and just leave the good ones! I can’t just lose the memories of him wasting away before my eyes can I????

Thanks to you a truly lovely man was ripped away from the people who love him, who needed him. Why did you even want him? You fed on him and you grew; an ugly, spiteful, vindictive, self-serving monster and then, at the very end, when you took his last precious breath, you died with him – what the fuck is wrong with you!?

You took everything you vicious little bastard and I HATE you for it but this anger I have for you is slowly ruining whatever is left of my life so I am giving it back to you. Here is my hate – take it and may you rot in hell”

I’m not going to apologise for my rant or the bad language because the rock that’s been sitting on my chest for the last goodness knows how long feels lighter somehow. There is a sense of peace in me that wasn’t there before.

If you need to let off some steam – please feel free.

  • No-one will judge you for it
  • No-one will mock you
  • No-one will criticise
  • You won’t have to apologise afterwards
  • You can swear if you need to
  • You don’t have to make sense
  • You won’t have to feel guilty
  • You won’t hurt anyone

So there you go, I’m advertising a free rant space; it’s there if you need it.

With love

Lisa x

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

18 thoughts on “Advertising: Free Space for Rant”

  1. I really need this today!

    I blogged before about that I do love my job but the company us organising sooo many team building events.
    The last one was at a swimming pool. Somehow I could decline that one.
    But we’re going to have a new one in a month!
    Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 👺👺

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  2. Injustice – that is what I ponder on and seethe about. Ties in with much of what you are saying.I hate injustice (possibly why I loved working in the legal system). It seems so unfair that life is so random, that we can try to do the best with our life then something (or somebody) can just totally bugger it up.

    As I child my biggest experience of injustice would be my little brother getting the larger portion of cake or not wanting to go to bed when my parents deemed it was time for me to do so. As a teenager I hated bullying – a nasty form of injustice that I hate and to this day continue to do so in any form.

    Until I was 21 that was about it. Then one evening a knock on the door and the police explained my beautiful brother who worked as a mental health nurse (he actually cared and wanted to do good) had been attacked. It transpired the attack was not by a patient (indeed attacks but mentally ill individuals are actually very rare), but an unprovoked attack as he walked back to the nurses home. He was set upon by 4 blokes who he had never seen before. He had his cheek bone shattered, his teeth knocked out and whilst unconscious they had battered his head with a metal post.

    Several weeks later after he was released from hospital and the individuals were charged with GBH. Justice at last we thought. Sadly it was not the case, just weeks later he was killed in a car crash. He was 19.

    As he was no longer around to give evidence they walked free. I fucking hate those bastards! They were thick, stupid violent people who have for the past 30 years been a drain on society and constantly in trouble for drug dealing etc. I never understood why they got to live long (if pathetic useless) lives yet he did not.

    I stayed in touch with his girlfriend for over 30 years. We talked of him often and somehow it kept him a little bit alive. I waved her off one afternoon and never saw her again. She was 48 and sepsis stole her within hours. Again she was funny, sweet and kind. I had lost not just her but a very special link to my brother.

    It was not fair. Life was shit. How did some people who were arseholes have such amazing lives and she had none?

    Just when it seemed life was as bad as it could get I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I was a little scared but mostly I just kept hearing the same phrase in my head “not fair”. I had two children with disabilities who relied on me as a single parent.

    It is still “not fair” …. it is not fair that some people win the lottery of life and some don’t, it is not fair that some parents have to bury their own children and that people we love are taken away. The problem is just that – life simply is not fair.
    There is as far as I can ascertain no great game plan. Being “nice” does not ensure a wonderful existence and being a total shit bag does not mean you will be punished.

    Yep – thats my vent … injustice….. It is just isn’t fair.

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    1. Thanks Wendi 😊 to be honest that was my fear about letting myself get angry but it was a case of rant or explode so ranting it was 😉 I’m leaving the post up so if you ever feel the need to let rip it will be there for you xxx

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      1. You are right but if we can beat it, it frees us to do things that we may hugely benefit us. Some of the best times I’ve had were when I was terrified to do something but did it anyway ❤️ 😊

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