Is it a Man’s World?

Good morning :O) Um, sorry, excuse me, could I just have the attention of bloggers of the male persuasion for just a minute, I have a question for you if you’d be so kind:

Good morning :O) Um, sorry, excuse me, could I just have the attention of bloggers of the male persuasion for just a minute, I have a question for you if you’d be so kind:

air-kiss-greetingIf a woman was to greet you with a kiss on either cheek  would you consider that you had been subject to sexual harassment?

If a woman were to put her hand on the small of your back and tell you that you had beautiful eyes, would you consider that you had been harassed or subject to inappropriate comments?

Sorry, that’s two questions but, if either of these things happened to you, would you feel degraded or abused in some way; would you report the woman and call for her to lose her job and her credibility? I’m just curious because that seems to be what’s happened this morning according to a news report. I’m hoping at this point that there are some women reading this because I’d like to know if they’re shocked that this sort of thing could happen to a prominent female figure who’s a leader in her field. Oh, another thing, she’s in her 80’s………..doesn’t all this just seem wrong to you???? Aren’t you a little bit outraged on behalf of this woman?

If you are then please just bear that in mind when I tell you that it wasn’t a woman but a man. Still feel the same? Still think that it’s wrong? No? Why? What’s changed?

I’m all for equal opportunity, I fought hard, as a woman, to be successful in business in a male dominated sector, but I really don’t like double standards. Am I wrong? Love to hear your comments

Lisa x


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17 thoughts on “Is it a Man’s World?”

  1. I just seriously think the whole world, especially the UK, has gone over and above ‘politically correct’, its getting beyond a joke….one dares not look at someone in case your accused of ‘some sort of harressment’. I was brought up to ‘stand up’ for yourself, if a bloke was inappropriate towards you tell him or walk away, or kick him in the bollocks… If a bully threatened you, you stood up to them…I did that one day, I was about 10, was told by a bully to meet them for a ‘hiding’ on the rugby field…I turned up, the bully didnt.(and she lived across the road).I never had a problem after that.
    I know this has nothing to do with your blog, but I am just trying to get across that now a days people are just to quick to point a fingure, scream victim, accuse and ruin peoples lives and reputations…for money…It is hard for a true complaint to be taken serious because of false accusations….and some how in this day and age, children are not being taught to ‘stand up for themselves’…how do parents think these mommy codled children will make in in the big bad world….? I empathize with everything said in your blog, i just get frustrated at the way people are becoming so petty, especially for eg..#metoo campaign, please dont get me started, have blogged on the subject…
    (…Its hard and frustrating being a female in this day and age…..:)
    You asked for a view, I gave a rant…….sorry…. 🙂

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    1. Don’t apologize, I completely agree with everything you said; it seems that women, especially young women, are determined to portray themselves as weak, delicate little flowers who need protection from big, bad men whereas the women of my generation fought against exactly that. Thanks so much for your comment and have a super day 😊

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      1. Am so glad you feel the same way, it is so infuriating to see the way they demorolize the ‘female’ species, am ashamed to be one in this day and age…. love your blogs…. you say things i wish i had said… 🙂

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  2. Actually both the two scenarios you describe at the start have happened to me. And I was sitting next to a female friend/ colleague in a meeting and she squeezed my knee when my name was mentioned by the speaker. None of this bothered me, in fact I was pleased in the latter case that she felt so physically comfortable with me and I did not see it as anything sexual. BUT – it did make me realise that there is a double standard in that in the reverse situation I could easily have been in big trouble.
    I agree with everything you say.

    I admit the whole thing makes me extremely cautious now. If I walk down the secluded shortcut to the supermarket and there is a woman ahead of me I will turn around and go the long way round.
    If I see a woman, girl or child in obvious distress I will no longer approach, however much I might feel like helping. Many middle aged men like myself feel like we are regarded with suspicion and, basically, guilty until proven innocent.
    I was once on a busy bus and a woman and her little girl got on – the girl plonked herself on one of the few vacant seats: next to me. The mother then shouted at her ‘ Don’t sit next to that MAN!’ How did she think this made me feel? In public?

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  3. It depends on context, as do most things, but I agree that things get taken out of context far too much. I tend to push the line in social situations, with an eye towards being careful not to cross it. However, in social situations, I’ve had the line crossed on me and I think it’s hilarious. Again, it really depends on context…

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  4. Over the years I have “adopted” all of the neighborhood kids. This was fine when my kids still lived at home. Now it makes me uncomfortable as hell. Currently I have two young boys following me around my neighborhood and showing up at my house because I am “fun”…the problem is I don’t want to deal with any issues that might arise if that makes sense. I can tell you why the kids like me….it’s because I listen….truly it’s as simple as that. I tried to explain to the boys that they can not come over without a parent….but how do you explain that to a 6 an 8 year old. I know its not exactly the same as what you are talking about, sorry for the tangent

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