Help! It’s my birthday…

If you have a minute today please pop over to Ken’s site and wish him a Happy Birthday just so that he knows he is not alone – thanks everyone xx

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Have you ever read one of those articles about people who die alone at home
and are finally discovered months later?

I used to think:

“How could anyone become so isolated?”

Now, I already seem to be headed that way.

Last of the family line.
No phone calls. No letters. No lovers. No close friends.
No carers. No visitors. No social media.
No-one to miss me.

Unpaid bills might lead to investigations…


Thus, I fear such an end: unless I can break out of this situation.

But my body has trapped me inside an invisible cage of illness.

I have suffered with M.E. for 31 years.
Feeling like flu coming on…

(pain, aching, exhaustion, brain fog, sensitivity to sound, light, etc.)

…every day.

For life.

Coping with these symptoms is tough.

Any additional problems begin to overwhelm.
And, in my case, there are plenty more:

Anxiety, mood-swings, insomnia, TMJ…

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4 thoughts on “Help! It’s my birthday…”

  1. I am so very, very sorry. I have been living with chronic illness for a very long time too and it is…………so scary. But to do it alone must be terrifying. May you receive a miracle………….and I do believe they still happen!

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