A letter from the other side.

This is for anyone who is grieving. It’s sad, beautiful and so comforting. It made me cry but I just had to share it with you xx

The blessed moonchild!

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To the girl who misses me everyday,

I won’t begin with “how are you”, I know you’re not good. Anymore. And it torments me that the reason is me. The one who promised to never leave your side, the one who promised to make you smile and the one who couldn’t fulfill any of the promises.
It wasn’t my fault. The thread of life snapped too quickly than we had ever thought. Life left and I couldn’t do anything.
I couldn’t stop your tears when you came to kiss me goodbye that last time, I couldn’t wipe your tears when in spite of breaking apart, you were being strong for my family. I couldn’t say goodbye for the last time. I’m sorry.
I know you miss me every day. I know you remember me every night. I know words will fade, memories will be few but the person…

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Middle-aged 20 something

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