Are You Prepared to Share..

Your most embarrassing moment? Come on, it will be fun you’ll see! I’ll go first because, well, it’s my post and if I don’t it’s going to be a really short one and, quite frankly, not particularly interesting so here goes:

Your most embarrassing moment? Come on, it will be fun you’ll see! I’ll go first because, well, it’s my post and if I don’t it’s going to be a really short one and, quite frankly, not particularly interesting so here goes:

I’m a bit of a kid at heart so one of the things I really love to do is wave jumping which is basically flinging yourself up in the air as the waves come towards you and giggling a lot; trust me, it’s fun. So, anyhoo, I was in Barbados with my husband and, after a few minutes of sunbathing (I have no patience), I decided that the sea looked particularly inviting and wandered off  to indulge my favourite seaside past-time. My husband called out that the sea looked a bit rough and could I please be careful as he was quite happy sunbathing and didn’t want to have to get up to come and rescue me from drowning. I poo-poo’d his concerns and strolled confidently into the surf…..

wave jumpingFor the next 10 minutes or so I had a fantastic time, leaping over the waves, wondering what it would be like to be a dolphin and wondering if I should have a go at surfing. Unfortunately, things went downhill a bit after that. As my husband hadn’t come to join me in my childish pursuits and appeared to be resolutely stuck to his sunbed I decided to attract his attention by shouting and waving at him and it worked! He was mouthing something at me and gesticulating but I couldn’t quite work out what he was referring to so I stopped jumping up and down and tried to make it out.

It was a this point that I was hit, rather violently, over the back of the head by a particularly large wave. I was turned upside down under the water and surfaced a few seconds later feeling somewhat disoriented…..which probably explains why I didn’t see the second giant wave coming. This time I didn’t surface quite so quickly and was, effectively, dragged along the sea floor on my stomach until I reached the shore, gasping for breath and suffering from quite painful sand rash…..

I stood for a moment or two trying to get my bearings so I didn’t immediately realise that my bikini top was hanging around my neck, completely failing to cover what it was intended to cover, and the bottoms were somewhere around my knees. Unfortunately the beach wasn’t deserted and I saw many pairs of eyes upon me as I tried to regain my dignity. I hoiked my bikini back into place and nonchalantly (or so I thought) jogged back to my husband. My attempts at casual elegance were somewhat thwarted by the fact that my bikini bottoms were full of sand and were being dragged back down towards my knees by the weight so I had to stop and empty them half-way back.

dolphin in sunglassesI arrived back at my husband’s sunbed out of breath, very red in the face and close to tears; he looked me up and down and said, with a twinkle in his eye, “you’ve lost your sunglasses then?” Bugger!! On top of everything else my brand new pink Raybans were lost to the ocean or possibly a particularly fashion conscious dolphin……

That was mine – do you dare to tell yours?



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4 thoughts on “Are You Prepared to Share..”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    OK….mine isn’t as good as yours! I was in a used book store that was frequented by many tattooed and pierced folk. I went to the counter to buy an old video that they were selling. The cashier had many tattoos and piercings. She was also completely bald. I went bald at about 19 years old. I still have hair on the sides though like many men my age in their 50’s. I have thought about shaving the sides and being completely bald. I asked her, “How long does it take to shave your head?” She said, “My hair just fell out because of my chemotherapy.”


    Tito Jay

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  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’d be having the best “fashion” day wearing a cute outfit and feeling good about myself and them BAM!! Someone asks me if I’m pregnant!! 😥 I’ve never worn that outfit again.

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