Are We Blinded By Stars?

Have we lost our grip on reality to such an extent that we actually believe we know these rich and famous people that appear on stage and screen and therefore feel justified in scrutinizing their every word and gesture? No, even that doesn’t add up because we don’t do that to the people we do actually know. 

I read the other day that a woman I’d never met said something mean to this other woman; are you gripped? Are you on the edge of your seat? Do you want to hear more? No, of course not because it’s a really godawful, boring story. What if I mention the names of the two women involved: Roseanne Barr and Valerie Jarrett, are you interested now?

Small conflictThe essence of this story is that one famous woman said something utterly childish and insulting about another woman on Twitter and yet it is all over the news with even the President of the United States commenting on it…….WHY??? In the same week another woman I’m sure that none of us have never met called another woman none of us could claim to be friends with a c**t and, again, its in news reports all over the world, complete with in depth analysis by journalists and commentators.

In the same week a truck ploughed into a group of people who were celebrating Labour Day in the Bahamas, killing 4 and injuring another 21; did you hear about it? It was also reported that over 4,500 died last year in Puerto Rico but did that pop up on your timeline?

Shootings As RoutineThe Times newspaper, that bastion of UK journalism, has a headline today which looks, in depth, at the story behind a footballer’s latest tattoo. This is another story that has dominated traditional and social media alike this week because the tattoo was of a gun. Had the tattoo been on the leg of any ordinary moral I am pretty sure that most people wouldn’t have batted an eyelid but, because it appeared on Raheem Sterling it was big ‘news’. Of course, while everyone is debating the rights and wrongs of having a tattoo of a gun, people are actually being shot and killed, families are losing people that they love.

Brad and angelineI suppose my question to you is why have we all become so obsessed with celebrities and the minutiae of their lives to such an extent that World headlines become dominated by a few ill chosen words or a new tattoo. If one of our friends insulted someone in the way that Roseanne Barr did what would we do? Call her out, tell her not to be so childish and move on? Or would we want to discuss they whys and the wherefores with every single person that we met? Would we then expect all of those people to take sides and continue said argument with all their friends? I’m guessing not so, if the real world doesn’t work like that, why oh why does Celebrity World? Is it a distraction? Puerto Rico Hurricane MariaAre we so afraid of the real world around us and the destruction and violence that takes place within it that we have immersed ourselves in a virtual world where a single word or action can cause controversy and moral outrage?

Maybe our own lives are so boring that we look to Celebrity World to furnish us with the gossip that’s missing from our world? Have we lost our grip on reality to such an extent that we actually believe we know these rich and famous people that appear on stage and screen and therefore feel justified in scrutinizing their every word and gesture? No, even that doesn’t add up because we don’t do that to the people we do actually know. 

I really don’t know why this is happening but I do feel that, with our eyes blinded by stars, we are stumbling around in the dark and missing the really important things that are happening around us. What do you think?




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4 thoughts on “Are We Blinded By Stars?”

  1. You’ve given me a lot to think about here. I generally don’t give a rat’s ass what these celebs say or do, and can’t pick most of them out of a lineup. On Facebook, my update was “In Roseanne’s defense, I haven’t given a crap about what she says in decades.” End of story. And Bee? Worse. I honestly didn’t even know who she was, much less why we should care.

    But what you have shown me is that while I make fun of us focusing on their stupidity, I do miss some real news. Some real stories. Important stuff, like you pointed out. I’m better than that, and can do better.

    The problem here in America (as Kurt Andersen points out in that Fantasyland book) is we are all caught up in our fictions. Which isn’t a problem if it’s doesn’t “pick my pockets or break my legs” as he puts it. But it is picking our pockets now, and breaking our legs. The year before last we elected a charlatan whose only qualification was “celebrity.” This week that celebrity met with another one (Kim Kardashian, for god’s sake) to discuss “prison reform.” If you can think of anything more ludicrous, please let me know.

    Thank you again for this wonderful perspective on what should have been a one-off humorous topic. Let’s return our focus to canceling the truly horrific show in America. The one in the White House.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments Tom 😊 you are right – it’s so sad that the real tragedies people are suffering are just overlooked in favor of crap about celebrities. As for Trump, I think he’s done a few good things for the US economy (or his aides have) but I find the man to be insufferably arrogant and his behavior on Twitter would shame most 5 year olds – it’s all just me, me, me!! It all just seems to be a bit of a farce from my perspective over here so I can’t imagine what it’sike for you guys. Xxx

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      1. It’s like electing a self-absorbed, narcissistic, childish charlatan, and then having to live with it. 😝

        And as for the economy, which started its upward spike in 2012, it is humming along quite nicely at the moment, despite the foolishness of Donald Trump. 😉


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