Am I Dead Inside?

I just don’t seem to feel anymore, do you know what I mean? It’s not as though I don’t have feelings anymore; I can feel happy or sad or pissed off or whatever but there is nothing truly deep. After I lost my husband, over 4 years ago now (time which has seemed like eons and the blink of an eye), something that once resided in my very core just isn’t there anymore…..

I just don’t seem to feel anymore, do you know what I mean? It’s not as though I don’t have feelings anymore; I can feel happy or sad or pissed off or whatever but there is nothing truly deep. After I lost my husband, over 4 years ago now (time which has seemed like eons and the blink of an eye), something that once resided in my very core just isn’t there anymore…..

I have nothing to complain about; I have a great life, I have wonderful friends and a loving family but there is something missing. Even as I’m writing this I’m thinking ‘stop! you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you have so many things to be grateful for, buck your ideas up!’ As that thought leaves me, another one arrives ‘why are you writing this on a public forum? People don’t want to listen to you whinging on, type something positive for God’s sake!’ Now I want to cry…..

I want to break down and cry for the part of me that I lost when the only man I ever really loved left me but I’ve done that, so, so many times and, quite frankly it’s exhausting and futile and it will change nothing. I know that I must live in the moment and appreciate every second of my life because it’s a wonderful gift, a one time special offer from the big man upstairs that could be taken away before I’ve even finished writing this BUT. Why is there always a but? I’ve spent the last 15 odd years training my mind to think positively, to find beauty or, at the very least a lesson, in every single experience I’ve had but I honestly wonder if all I have done is to fashion a well-fitting and highly realistic mask……..

Before my life changed so dramatically (oh bloody hell, now I sound like a complete drama queen) I used to laugh. Something would just strike me as absolutely hysterical and I simply wouldn’t be able to stop; do you know what I mean? The kind of laugh that is loud, then silent, before it starts again and you end up sounding like Mutley because you can’t breathe properly. Your eyes start watering and you go all red in the face, your stomach hurts and you can’t move. Yes? Well that just doesn’t happen any more; I laugh but nothing seems funny enough to make me laugh like that…….

I like to go out. I go out more now than I did when my husband was still alive and, invariably I enjoy myself but I don’t need to be with people. If someone cancels at the last minute it’s a bit disappointing but I just find something else to do. There is no-one in my life that I couldn’t live without simply because I am living my life without the one person that I can bear to be without…….

I miss being loved. I know my family and my friends love me and I love them too but not in the same way. I miss being held close, in the dark, giggling, being whispered to, making love, feeling desired, feeling beautiful, feeling sexy and special and 100 other things. I miss my husband, so much…..

I’m so sorry for this self-indulgent post but you’re the only people I can really talk to about all this because you don’t know me and you’re not here in front of me seeing me cry. Also because I know that the people close to me in real life are probably sick to death of me banging on about how empty I feel when one of these days comes along so I try not to anymore and just keep to myself until it passes….which it does….every time.

I’ll blame this moment of weakness on the fact that I’m really tired. One of the huge boats moored up outside my apartment had a massive party complete with heavy base music; it didn’t keep me awake last night but it did rouse me shortly before 05.30 this morning…

If you’re wondering why a party on a boat would wake me up – I live close to Monaco and it’s the Grand Prix this weekend so there are huge parties everywhere. There, you see, what have I got to moan about? I live in the bloody South of France for Christ’s sake – how lucky can you get!!???

The me before would have been really excited about that. As it is, now, I’ll smile and count my blessings and hope that, one day, I’ll get my mojo back and, whatever died inside me, will somehow be resurrected…



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  1. Hi Lisa,

    So sorry for your loss. One reality of life is that as we get older more and more of the people we love die. My sister’s husband died 3 months ago. He had just turned 60. There was a time I thought 60 was old, but not anymore. I cannot imagine what I would do if my wife passed. Do you have children? Are your parents alive? Do you have siblings? I don’t know your situation except that you wrote that you are from England, but are living in France. I guess I was wondering if being closer to family would be helpful for you.



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    1. Thanks Jay for your comment and your kind words. I never had children although I have 2 step daughters who live in the UK as do my parents. My brother lives close to me but we don’t see each other that often as he and his family are away a lot. Saying that I have a few close friends that I’ve made since I came here so I’m a lot better off than some. It’s beautiful here and it wall to wall sunshine today so there’s a lot to be thankful for.
      Thanks again and have a wonderful day 😊


  2. Sounds like your dealing with a loss. I’m not an expert, but whenever I’m sad, I just focus on goals and hanging out with friends. Sometimes it feels good to accept that sadness though, and roll with it.

    Maybe you should get a bottle of wine, drink all of it, and listen to the saddest music possible and then just ball your eyes out for an evening. It sounds stupid, but might actually feel pretty good.

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    1. Actually that’s usually what happens; all gets a bit too much – day or two of utter self pity and then pick up and get on with life – the wine and music (or sad film) definitely helps 😊 x


  3. Lisa. This really moved me. Whilst the situation is different I do recognise those feelings.
    I did not see this as you complaining. My first instinct was to offer a hug. Seriously, get in touch if you want a chat. You do not deserve to feel this way. Let us help.

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    1. Oh shit that made me cry. Thank you so much, it means more than you can imagine to have people like you reach out – you’re so incredibly kind. I’m not so great at sharing my feelings hence the blog but it’s a help just to know that someone is there. Thank you 🙏🤗😘

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      1. Thanks Darren. It’s taking a while but I’m really starting to feel a comradeship on here and it’s really helping (although it might not seem like it today). Thanks again – really means a lot x


    2. Totally agree, if you ever need an ear or someone just to rant off at…….I’m available, just like many others to give you that support…..,.x


  4. Amazing, honest, and inspirational, Lisa. Sometimes we take for granted the most important things in our lives. I know I do. Thanks to you, Mrs C is about to wake up to a big hug and a whole world of understanding. See, this is what blogging is all about. We. Affect. Lives. Thank you for affecting mine today. Thank you for sharing. You got more mojo than you know. 😊

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  5. Thank you for sharing this! I very much appreciate your honesty in this post. And no, this isn’t whining, this is being real!! Not enough people do that anymore. I go on Instagram (or any social media really) and it seems all I see is girls bragging about how amazing their lives are, and it often seems they intentionally want to make people feel inferior. That’s why I love that you are able to talk about the hard stuff, something even I have trouble doing most of the time! If more people were open about the not-so-pretty parts of life, I think the world would be a happier place overall! Blessings! Xx

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  6. I’m so sorry for your loss; and I think your writing about it is one way to deal with it, and you’ll feel the better for it.While it might not seem like much to you, you’re binging a sense of catharsis to us, your readers; and at least you have us to help you through; so keep on doing what you’re doing XXX

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  7. I have just flund this post from back in May, Lisa. It breaks my heart and I DO understand. More than you would know. But I now understand why you responded in the way you did, to my own post yesterday, about writing my heart. You HAvE written your heart, right here. And I am GLAD I read it. I found it because it came up as relating to your post of today about falling. And THAT pist, too, mived me intensely. I want to write my heart as YOU have, here, Lisa. But you are so rught. People DON’T generally want to listen to thus kind of thing, so I don’t write my heart as I want to, on my Blog. If I have ever approached doing it, people have run away. And I want them to be there, reading. But I want to listen to you Lisa, and this was written back in May, so don’t know where you are at now. Maybe one day I WILL write my heart, for it is making me ill not doing so. Yes, there is gold within me, and it comes out in my poetry, and it is GENUINE, honed by deep suffering throughout my life. But that whole side of loss, grief, pain, is a side I dare not write about, yet I HAVE to. Shantanu said that if I DID, it would be golden. I agree with him. It WOULD. But there would be a whole lot of pain first. Yet I MUST do it. I emailed you the other day Lisa, but don’t know if you got it or not, i just wanted to test it out to see if I had got the right address. I don’t want to pressure you or imposemyself upon you. Please let me know if I ever intrude. I don’t want to do that. This is a GREAT
    Ost, ?isa. I am SO glad that I read it. Uch, uch love, and many hugs to you. I am SO SO sorry for your loss xoxoxo

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    1. You will write your heart out when you need to my friend. When I wrote this it was really just for me, to try and release whatever was trapped inside – you will do the same when you are ready, don’t feel pressured by anyone else, it will come.
      I didn’t get your email I’m sorry – I’ve just checked my spam folder in case but it’s not there so I don’t think you’ve used the right address.
      Don’t worry about intruding – you don’t but if you did I would tell you. Having ‘one of those days’ today so may not be around much – am going to try some meditation and go out for a walk later to see if I can shake it off.
      Thanks so much for your lovely words. Much love and huge hugs xxxxx

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