When even Healthy isn’t Healthy!

Food is not something we can exist without (well not for very long anyway) so is it really any wonder that so many of us have such a complex relationship with it? What’s your relationship with food? I’d really love it if you’d share your thoughts with me….

How do you feel about what you eat? Is your relationship with food unhealthy? Do you find that you have emotions attached to food? If so, it’s not really surprising as we are constantly bombarded with messages that tell us what we should eat, when, how much, what’s bad, what’s good……it really is completely non-stop (and I’ve just realised that I add to the mountain of information with my blog – oops!)

distorted body imageWe are all aware of conditions such as Anorexia and Bulimia which stem from distorted body image and can lead to serious health problems and even death. We have seen people become morbidly obese, eating themselves into ill health and an early grave.  There are reports in the news every day which tell us that certain foods cause cancer and heart disease, that our BMI should be a certain number and that our food choices will ultimately determine how well and how long we live. However, some nutritionists now believe that some of us could be at risk from a newly discovered eating disorder. Orthorexia is an obsession with ‘pure’ or ‘clean’ food which can lead people to cut out entire food groups, thereby depriving themselves of some essential vitamins and nutrients.

Come on inner peaceI read this article and thought ‘oh bloody hell that could be me!!’. Anyone who reads the stuff that I write knows that I have a deep interest in nutrition and a love of exercise but this article made me wonder if I do wonder sometimes if I over do it. When I have a rest day I’ll often feel restless because I’m very active 6 days out of 7; I know that my body needs to rest but my mind often requires a lot of mediation to get with the programme. I very rarely eat processed foods or refined sugars, I think about food additives and calories and make my food choices according to:

  1. How they will help me exercise and workout in the gym
  2. Whether, if I over indulge, they’ll make me fat.
  • Healthy foodsThat said, I’m not a big foodie, so I don’t feel as though I am missing out by choosing to eat those foods that we deem as being healthy – vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, berries and fish. I actually like the taste of vegetables, especially green vegetables but I never used to; it was only when I started training seriously, in my twenties, that I began to understand the effect that food could have on my body. For that reason I wonder if I have just made the mental connection between doing what I enjoy (working out and exercise) and the foods that make it easier. Over the last 20 odd years I’ve experimented with food and I eat what best serves my purpose; cakes, candy, junk food, lots of bread and pasta and processed foods don’t so I don’t eat them. I’m not sure if this means that my relationship with food is unhealthy or not; I’m slim and pretty fit but I don’t get a great deal of pleasure from food as, for me, it’s a means to an end. I like to work out and I like my clothes to fit so what’s the problem? Food is not something we can exist without (well not for very long anyway) so is it really any wonder that so many of us have such a complex relationship with it?

What’s your relationship with food? I’d really love it if you’d share your thoughts with me as, even after all these years, I still find it a fascinating subject :O) x

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Middle-aged 20 something

17 thoughts on “When even Healthy isn’t Healthy!”

  1. Your relationship with food is practical, not emotional. I’ll bet you have “things” in life that satisfy your NEEDS and therefore, don’t rely on addictive “food like stuff” that provide instant gratification. You use food to satisfy nutritional and INFORMATIONAL needs of the body. This is a healthier attitude and an important step in overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food.
    I’m sure your taste buds have also modified. They now provide you satisfaction with healthier choices. This, too, is an important part in winning the food craving battle!

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  2. Hi,

    For me food is both a necessity and a source of pleasure or distract that compliments my daily activity. At one time food was kind of like a drug. Like I could get drunk or binge eat or both if I felt empty or alone. After finding and marrying my wife, I no longer feel the need to overindulge in food or beer, but I still enjoy the taste of both in moderation. I have lost over 50 lbs in my 15+ years of marriage, because my relationship with food and beer changed. Enjoyed reading your article!



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      1. What do you think happened at that time that made you reevaluate your relationship with food? Hope you don’t mind my questions but I’m really interested to talk to you about your story. Have a great day :O) x

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      2. A little bit, it made me thinking 😁
        Stress, I guess it happens since working world. I weigh 55 kg since school, and gained until 85 kg after. I’ve managed to bring back my ideal 55 kg for a while in 2016-2017, but now I think I’m about 80 kg, my weight scales broken 😆


      3. Have a think and see if you can find a trigger; if you can break the emotional connection with food that you seem to have then your eating patterns should get much easier to manage. Really wish you the best of luck and hope you find a way to get rid of some of the stress in your life – maybe have a look at meditation or yoga 😊 have a great day x

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  3. For me, it’s emotional eating. I’m kind of embarrassed how little I know about healthy eating with all the information that is out there, but all the information that is out there is also the reason I don’t know much about healthy eating (who is right and who is wrong) So I’ve used that as an excuse for so long to not do anything about it if that makes any sense…

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    1. We’re told as kids that something sugary is a ‘treat’ and are often promised these ‘treats’ for good behaviour so there is a mental connection that’s forged very early on between the two concepts and that’s hard to break. I’m fairly sure that someone in a film said – love is no different biochemically than eating large quantities of chocolate (I looked it up – Devil’s Advocate) so there is also that to contend with – sugar can, briefly, make us feel good. Added to that it’s addictive so breaking all those chains that bind us to it can be very difficult. The good news is that exercise will do all the same things to our minds and bodies that sugar does :O)
      The only other thing I would say is that fast food/processed food is absolutely full of man made chemicals – for me it’s logical that food that’s not full of this crap will be better for our bodies :O) xx

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