Rock the House!

…..there are some fantastic bum toning exercises that you can do at home which will eventually leave you with two perfect peaches.

If you don’t fancy the idea of bedecking yourself in lycra and strutting your stuff in front of the gym bunnies why not try a home workout?

When we get to a certain age there are a few areas of the body that need a little extra care and attention. Things that were once firm and perky become loose and saggy but there are  number of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own living room to help raise and tighten………

This video is only a few minutes long but it focuses solely on getting rid of ‘bingo wings’ or flabby triceps and, when you’ve finished doing the exercises, you’ll definitely know that you’ve been working those arms!

This is one of those niggly problem areas for older women as it can make you self-conscious about wearing sleeveless or short-sleeved t-shirts in the summer. It’s worth spending a few minutes every day doing these exercises just so you’re not sweating your socks off in long sleeves during July and August!

You may find that your arms ache later in the day or the day after but this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. You’ll certainly forget about any achy muscles when you see the super results that you can achieve in just a short time.

If you want to tighten you tummy muscles this is a great way to start – simple exercises that you can do whilst sitting down in a chair. Once you get these muscles engaged and working well you can move on to more challenging exercises such as sit-ups or planks.

Once you get the muscles working your tummy will appear flatter and more toned and then you can replace those baggy hide everything tops with something altogether more slinky.

Another problem area that seems to creep up on us as we get older is our bum. Actually it doesn’t creep up so much as sag down and the pert bum we had in our youth starts to resemble a deflating balloon. Never fear, there are some fantastic bum toning exercises that you can do at home which will eventually leave you with two perfect peaches.

This video talks you through some awesome exercises step by step, telling you exactly what muscles you need to be working and what position your body needs to be in. There’s no funky music to distract you from what your bum is supposed to be doing; you can listen to that when you’re shaking it on the dance floor!

Last but definitely not least – how do we keep our boobs front and centre as we get older? You’ve tried all the super uplift, supporting, padded bras but when you take them off gravity takes over – know the feeling? Try these simple exercises to strengthen the muscles in the chest and improve your posture and you’ll feel and see the difference in no time!

Again, if these exercises are new to you, take it easy in the beginning and then gradually increase the number of repetitions. You’ll be so happy you made the effort when you are buying pretty and lacy rather than over the shoulder boulder holders.

All these exercises are designed to target the specific areas where we need a bit of help and improvement as we get older. You can do all of them together as a complete work-out a couple of times a week or you can choose to do just one every day if you don’t have as much time to spare. They can all be done in your own home and, once you’ve got the hang of how to do them properly, you can listen to music and just enjoy the feeling of your body getting firmer and leaner. After a few weeks you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see when you look in the mirror, your energy levels will be higher and you’ll be ready to get out there and shake your super stuff.


Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

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