Who are you?

…biting people’s necks has only a limited appeal

Some years ago, during a business interview, someone asked me ‘Who is the real you?’ I’d like to say that I came back with a well thought out and snappy response but what I actually said was ‘ummm…..well…..urrrrr….’; to be honest the question absolutely floored me because I had no idea how to answer. So began my long, long journey of self-discovery  trying to work out who the bloody hell I am.

Do you remember the scene in the Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts is trying to work out what type of eggs she really likes? She’d spent so many years going along with her current partners’ egg preferences, she had no idea what SHE liked? Well, it’s been a bit like that but with pretty much everything….


At the same time I’ve tried to find some sort of emotional freedom and have spent many hours listening to gurus like Osho and Sadhguru who tell you that the secret to happiness is not to have ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’ but merely to be accepting of what life offers you. Can you see how it’s all got a little bit confusing?

Bearing all this in mind, I’ve decided to focus on the things that make me happy rather than worrying about what I don’t like or shouldn’t like according to other people so here goes:

I enjoy being on my own with a good book, especially a trashy, romantic book (think Jilly Cooper or Tilly Bagshawe) that bears no resemblance to mine or anyone else’s reality but gives an hour or two of harmless escapism

I love speed – motorbikes, sports cars, galloping on horse-back – all dangerous but, probably for that reason; they all make me feel alive

A particular style of humour that I’m completely at a loss to explain:

TV shows and films about Vampires. I think I like the idea of living forever young, beautiful and brooding.  Of course, if I really think about it, I like sunbathing too much to only be able to go out at night and biting people’s necks has only a limited appeal..

Walking whilst listening to music – I’ll literally go for miles and can sometimes even be spotted skipping rather than walking if it’s a particularly good song (the latest being Believe by Imagine Dragons which I actually skipped to whilst on a treadmill).

Going to the gym. This has never, ever been a chore for me and I hope it never will be!

Hugs. I haven’t been in a relationship with anyone since I lost my husband but happily I have lots of friends who are quite content to give me a hug as and when required.

Not sure what any of this says about me but it was fun thinking about it

PS. my favourite kind of eggs are lightly poached :O)


Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

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