Keeping it Firm

think about what you can put inside your body so that it looks better on the outside.

There’s no doubt about it, the first place that we notice we are losing the first flush of youth is our face; little lines around our eyes and mouth, crinkles on our brow and a certain dullness to our skin. This is because our bodies stop producing collagen (the protein that maintains the strength and elasticity in our skin) as we hit our lates 20’s or early 30’s and subsequently our skin starts to degenerate leaving us with saggy and/or wrinkly skin. Fortunately there are things that we can do about it:

Firstly, if you smoke, try to stop;  it’s not easy but, if you want your skin to look and feel better, you really need to knock it on the head

Secondly, use a good sunscreen. I’m not suggesting that you don’t sunbathe or go out when it’s sunny, our bodies get essential vitamin D from sunlight, but do be aware that it’s really not good for your skin to burn.

Next, think about what you can put inside your body so that it looks better on the outside. Vitamins are vitally important if we want to maintain younger and healthier looking skin, particularly vitamins A, B, C and E; you can take supplements but it’s better to get them naturally from the foods that we eat:

Eggs, milk, cheese and fresh fish are all great sources of Vitamin B12

Sweet potatoes and spinach will stock up your levels of Vitamin A and almonds and oranges will help you out with Vitamins E and C.

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

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