Liberating the Spirit through Fasting

With this lifestyle I lost more than 20 kg in 6 months

This is a guest post from one of my good friends – I really hope you like it :O)

Hi everybody,

My name is Kevin, I live in Monaco and I was overweight for 24 years (76 kg / 165cm), until the day that I looked at a YouTube video of Thierry Casanovas (

He was talking about the modern diet (cereal, meat, milk, cooked meal, refined sugar…) and the effects it can have on the body and also on the spirit. He explained that modern nutrition wasn’t ideal for humans because it’s much too difficult to digest, too rich in sugar and completely empty of micro nutrients. He explained that, in our society, we overconsume food and it was a real problem but not a fatality! He said that ultimately we are responsible of our health.

Raw food 3After this video, I watched more of his videos and they made sense for me; my meals were too sweet and always cooked, my girlfriend Joane and I decided to have a vegan diet because we thought that it was perfect for humans. Joane changed her diet overnight, for me it was longer, in the beginning I ate like her the evening and I changed my breakfast, no more milk and pastry but fruits, and for the lunch I changed nothing.

After a month and a lot of videos about fasting, I really wanted to try it. One morning I woke up too late to have my breakfast, and I decided to not eat anything but I still felt good! I then fasted for 3 days. What I experienced during these days was completely amazing. First I was completely free because I didn’t have to eat, I lost 2-3 kg without frustration and it costed me 0 € and the most exceptional thing I was feeling, was the liberation of my spirit, I really felt like a cloud had spread away my mind. In fact, my system had been cleaned, because when you are not in the digestive process your body removes the toxicity created by the cerebral, physical, digestive activity. And for the first time of my life I let my body do what is good for me, I didn’t try to take some pills or try magical recipe to lost weight and be healthy. I just came back to basics! Raw food 2

After this fasting experience, I integrated fasting into my lifestyle; no more breakfast, fruits for the lunch and the evening raw vegetables and fruits too, because cooked vegetables lose the mineral contained therein. After a few weeks I was able to eat one time per day, in the evening, when I’d have a big meal; some people call that the warrior diet. With this lifestyle I lost more than 20 kg in 6 months without hard training or expensive pills or others things. The result after that was that I had more energy, a lot of energy I needed to spend! I started running and doing other physical exercises. Before that (weight loss and vegan nutrition) I never wanted to go out or do sport, because I simply didn’t have the energy for it!

But in every experience we do make mistakes, and I did! With the warrior diet, the vegan nutrition and some sport, I experienced some problems but I understood that it was my vegan diet wasn’t sustenance enough for me, I started to eat fish and eggs again and my troubles disappeared.

Currently I weigh 55 kg and still have a raw diet based on vegetables and fruits but when I’m with friends in a restaurant I eat “normally” and if I eat too much, I just don’t eat the next day, to restore the balance. Raw food 1

What advice can I give you? I think it is to experience and be responsible, don’t let people tell you what is good or not for you because only you know what is good for you. Don’t be afraid about sickness, invariably it won’t be serious, sickness is just an alarm to tell you are not on the right path.  We have, for me, natural human principles (fasting is one of them) but you have to create your rules to be able to apply them; these rules are personal and you have to experience different things to find your rules. I want to clarify, for my lifestyle, vegan nutrition wasn’t enough but I know people who have perfect health and are vegan. I want to clarify too, diet and fasting are not the only things that influence your health, your environment and your mindset can too! I’m sorry if you wanted more technical details about the physiological mechanisms of fasting but I am here only to share my experience with you all.

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