Barbie and Ken

It’s just a shame that our selfies don’t show our inner self

In case you were wondering, yes, the people in the photo above are real.

I can’t believe that I’m actually writing this but, apparently, the new trend in plastic surgery is Beauty Matching……………..couples who go under the knife in the spirit of togetherness and, in some cases, in order to align their physical features. It used to be that two people came together because of shared passions but now, it seems, that it will be because they share noses or buttock implants!

I’ve got nothing against plastic surgery or treatments such as botox or fillers; if you’ve reached a certain age and want to make a few subtle enhancements, no problem but I cannot understand the desire to completely change your appearance. Cosmetic surgery should leave you looking as though you’ve spent a few months relaxing on holiday not as though you’ve been captured by aliens and experimented on. We all want to look our best but why would you want to look like someone else…………..unless you are not happy with you. I also wonder at the psychology behind wanting to look like your romantic partner; facial similarities are typical in siblings and other family members!

The other ‘big thing’ is people undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to look like their favourite celebrity (apparently, the celebrity of choice is Kim Kardashian) so don’t be surprised if star spotting starts getting a little trickier in the future. You could find yourself rushing up to a post surgery Joan, Carole or Betty for an autograph in your search for the famous Kim. kim kardashian fan

In the early days of cosmetic surgery, you ran the risk of looking as though you’d been covered in hot wax and then stood in a wind tunnel until you dried off but these days it’s a very different story. Surgeons and other practitioners are often highly skilled and can really make people’s beauty dreams come true but I do wonder at what cost.

Women and men in their teens and twenties are now having cosmetic surgery to correct what they perceive as imperfections. How many of them are satisfied with just one procedure I wonder? How much more time will they spend examining their faces and bodies until they find the next candidate for cosmetic enhancement? How long will it be, when they start so young, before it becomes an obsession?

cosmetic surgery

These days it seems as though people are constantly confronted with their own image – Facebook, Instagram etc and, therefore, constantly at risk of  criticism of their looks. I suppose then its no real surprise that cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more popular. It’s just a shame that our selfies don’t show our inner self and the potential we have for change……

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

4 thoughts on “Barbie and Ken”

  1. I think there are a lot of psychological issues that make people do this. The problem with looking like a partner or celebrity. is what happens when you break up or the star stops being so famous, or even a new body type and look goes into fashion. Because eventually this look won’t be in. I enjoyed reading your post and agree with your views.


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