It’s so easy to repeat the same old patterns, to get ourselves in a rut and have the ‘what’s the point’ attitude

One of the hardest things we can do as human beings is to change but, if we don’t change ourselves, we can’t expect our lives to change and sometimes that’s exactly what we need. It’s so easy to repeat the same old patterns, to get ourselves in a rut and have the ‘what’s the point’ attitude, especially as we get older. For many people the thought processes change from ‘what can I do next’ to ‘I’m too old for all that’ and, as we lose our dreams and our expectations, we strive for less and eventually reach a point of stagnation but it doesn’t need to be like that……..


This video shows the journey of a 48 year old guy from fat to formidable. He didn’t go to the gym, didn’t have a personal trainer and worked out in his garage at home. What he did have was massive determination to succeed.

He worked out six days a week, 3 days with weights and 3 days of cardio, and he stuck to a sensible diet plan for those 6 days. On his day off he ate what he fancied and didn’t train – the results after just 18 weeks will amaze you.

This woman explains how, at the age of 50, one really awful photograph motivated her to get in shape. She started just by changing what she ate and she started to see results which prompted her to start exercising. She began with walking, then power walking and then long, all day hikes.

Although she had lost a lot of weight, she decided after a few months that her body didn’t look quite the way she wanted it to so she joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and dedicated herself to transforming her body.

At 50 years old she now has the body of a 20 something – as she says “50 is the new fabulous”!

Transforming yourself requires motivation first so think about the things that will improve in your life if you begin to transform your body:

  • You will have more energy
  • You will have more self-esteem
  • You will be healthier
  • Your digestion will improve
  • You will sleep better but need less of it

The next things you will need is determination and that’s all on you; even if you hire a personal trainer, unless you are determined you will find yourself giving them excuses as to why you can’t exercise after a couple of weeks.

But that’s really all that you need if you want to change your life – motivation and determination – if you have both those things you will achieve whatever you want to achieve.


Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

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