Would you give your child cocaine?

“if you’re a good girl, we’ll stop off at MacDonalds afterwards as a ‘treat'”

In a news article out today, a doctor is calling for weight-loss surgery to be more readily availble for children; he claims that it’s a necessary measure to stem the rise of obesity in the young. Essentially he is urging parents to put their kids under the knife, before they are fully matured and promoting the removal of a large portion of the stomach so that the intake of food that will satisfy their appetite will be greatly reduced.

I will no doubt be called out for saying this but wouldn’t it be simpler, cheaper and less traumatic for the child to speak to the parents about nutrition and exercise? This ‘obesity epidemic’ has only come about since the mass consumption of processed and fast foods and the inclination of kids to spend their days glued to their mobile phones rather than being outside kicking around a football or riding a bike so why can’t we start there?

It’s been known for sometime that sugar is highly addictive and yet it is added, in one form or another, to virtually all junk food and processed foods. Some scientists say that it’s more addictive than cocaine but parents seem to be quite happy to continue shovelling it down their kid’s throats in the name of ‘convenience’. It also doesn’t help that parents will often negotiate with their children using sugar as a bargaining chip – “if you’re a good girl, we’ll stop off at MacDonalds afterwards as a ‘treat'” or “be a good boy and we’ll buy you some sweets”………

This sends the message that sugar is a reward for good behaviour.

Conversely, vegetables and fruit are, I would imagine, rarely used for motivation; how many parents say “be good and you can have vegetable stir fry for dinner”?

I’m not saying that parents who use food as carrot or stick are bad for doing so; I certainly grew up with the idea that sweets were treats but that was before the days of sugar being hidden in absoutely everything so I didn’t consume enough of it to become addicted…………

Exercise, or lack thereof, is another contributor to obesity in the young. I wonder how many children walk to school these days rather than have their parents drop them off in the car on the way to work? How many exercise with their parents on a regular basis; go out for a walk, go swimming etc? How many play team sports on a regular basis? Finally, how many do all of these things but in a virtual world?

Cutting out lumps of kids’ stomachs is not the answer; fresh natural foods and regular exercise are the things that will end the ‘obesity crisis’ but I guess that’s a pretty old fashioned idea………..

Author: All About Life

Middle-aged 20 something

15 thoughts on “Would you give your child cocaine?”

  1. Just another money greedy doctor with his idea of a ‘quick fix’ solution! I agree with you to a certain point, and could discuss the problem of obesity amongst children for hours.. but I won’t.

    It isn’t the ‘child who needs to speak to the parent’, remember its the parent who is responsible for their child’s health and providing nutritious meals for them. THEY are ALLOWING it to happen.

    Technology is quickly killing our society!

    Parents encourage laziness and poor nutrition by providing the child with all the latest ways of entertaining themselves so they don’t have to step up and be a responsible parent. I guarantee that in most families the phone, cable and internet bill is higher than the grocery bill.

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  2. This is a great post and I absolutely agree with you.
    I wonder sometimes if the parents even know? I went past McDs in my city yesterday at 5pm and it was FULL of schoolkids. I cannot help wondering if they were then going to go home afterwards and have a normal meal at home as well.

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    1. Kind of on the subject, but also kind of not…. have either of you two googled the limited amount of education that doctors are given in medical school?…. Most of what I have read is less than 25 hours….I think to change the current obesity epidemics changing the information that doctors are taught from give this drug to treat a symptom would be better replaced with…lets look at the patients environment, including eating habits

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