Have you got it up top?

Is what was once your crowning glory now more of a good excuse to wear hats?

Is what was once your crowning glory now more of a good excuse to wear hats? Unfortunately, for most of us, as we get older, our hair gets thinner, dryer and less shiny. It may also go grey or even disappear altogether! However, aging is not necessarily the problem, it could be that our hair loss is due to vitamin deficiencies or the menopause but, either way, you’ll be glad to know that there are things you can do to restore your crowning glory…

Firstly, have a look at what you eat. To get the best from our hair we need to be ingesting plenty of protein and omega 3 fatty acids so look to add more of the following to your diet:

You can also have a look at herbs such as saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba, both of which have been found to help to strengthen hair and slow down thinning. There are drugs that you can but, as with all medications you should speak to your doctor first and consider any possible side effects.

Think about the shampoo that you use; although there are no shampoos that will promote hair growth, there are a number that will improve the condition of your scalp thus providing a happier and healthier environment for the hair that you do have – try products which contain rosemary and mint which will stimulate your scalp naturally.

We all love a hot shower first thing in the morning but hot water will actually dehydrate your hair which will leave it feeling dry and more brittle so turn the temperature down a few degrees and even think about a quick blast of cold water after you’ve rinsed your hair.

Think about your hair style; a really top notch hairdresser will be able to give you great ideas for styles that will suit not only your hair type but also your facial type and will certainly be able to suggest colours to tone down that grey and give you a more vibrant and youthful look. With the right haircut you can go from hair disaster to hair triumph; some people get it right and some need to find a new stylist:







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