Burning with Energy

The video below shows a man doing the impossible….

Whatever faults we may have as human beings we can also amaze and astound when we look inside ourselves and harness the power that’s lurking there.

The video below shows a man doing the impossible…………. or maybe not. He is, in his own words, only a healer who uses Chi energy to help his patients; however, he can also use it to spontaneously create fire:

Put simply, chi (qi) is that which gives life. In terms of the body, chi is that which differentiates a corpse from a live human being. A strong life force makes a human being totally alive, alert and present while a weak force results in sluggishness and fatigue. You can increase and develop your chi to overcome illness, become more vibrant and enhance mental capacity.    [Source]

Many believe that, through meditation, we can change our internal chi which will promote healing and boost our energy levels so that we can live longer and healthier lives. In Chinese medicine it is believed that Chi mirrors the flow of our blood and nourishes every cell in our body. Therefore, if our Chi is strong our bodies will be strong.

If we want to change our internal Chi there are several things that we can do:

Breathing: this may sound obvious but deep breathing exercises are wonderfully beneficial for our minds, bodies and spirits and are an essential part of meditation.

Exercise:  specifically Tai Chi which is designed to help you balance your Chi. It is a series of slow and gentle movements which will teach you to regulate your breath and focus on your inner self. Tai Chi is suitable for just about anyone.

Explore Qigong: To truly develop your Chi you must take your mind to a higher level of consciousness and unleash the real power of your life force.shaolin monks chi 2 These Shaolin monks demonstrate what can be achieved after years of intense study and training.

The smooth, balanced flow of Chi – your life-force energy – is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness ~ Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantziz


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