Turning Up the Heat

you don’t have to jump in a bath of ice to do it (unless you enjoy that sort of thing obviously).

Have you ever had the feeling that your head has just entered another dimension where the temperature is at least 10 degrees hotter than where the rest of your body is residing? If so, welcome to the menopause! Hot flushes are a really unpleasant side effect to a perfectly natural process but they can be managed and you don’t have to jump in a bath of ice to do it (unless you enjoy that sort of thing obviously).

There are things you can eat that will help and there are also things that you should avoid eating and drinking.

Fresh fruit, especially strawberries, Menopauseand vegetables will help to balance those troublesome hormones and therefore give you relief from your inner furnace. Many people recommend upping your protein intake especially with soy beans and eggs which are both also great sources of B vitamins which are known to help with the symptoms of menopause
Things that will make the hot flushes worse are, unfortunately for many, coffee and alcohol.coffee and wine About 5 minutes after drinking either you’ll feel as though someone has just shoved your head inside a pizza oven

You can also add some natural remedies into the mix as well; these have been used by women for centuries to alleviate hot flushes and to regulate hormones and modern science is now catching up with the idea. These are considered to be the top 3:

Black Cohosh: The root of this herb seems to have an effect on the body similar to estrogen, levels of which decline as we get older

Oil of Evening Primrose: Also believed to regulate estrogen, it has a cooling effect on the skin and will aid natural sleep

Red Clover: Has been found to be effective in treating many of the unwanted effects of menopause such as hot flushes, weight gain and lack of energy

As our bodies lose estrogen our risk of osteoporosis increases so we need to make sure that we do everything we can to keep our bodies strong; exercise is also a great way to keep our weight down (yes you are more likely to put on weight during menopause – sorry).

Look at strength training to build up those muscles; you can get in the gym, workout with friends or try Pilates or yoga. If you spend just an hour twice a week you will see great changes to your body in a few months and you will also notice that your menopause symptoms are loads better!pilates Combined with this, make sure that you get yourself moving every day with a brisk walk or jog; you don’t need to go for miles in the beginning, start with 10 minutes and then build up from there. Menopause can make us feel very tired but don’t take that as a sign that you need to sit and rest; getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing will revive you far better than a nap.

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