Making it Up?

It would be wonderful if all women in the world had the confidence in themselves to go every day without any make-up but, until that day comes,…..

Is there any such thing as ‘natural beauty’? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say, and what is attractive to one person will not necessarily be attractive to another. Women are lucky because they have the opportunity to use make-up to disguise their flaws or, more accurately, what they see as flaws. Using make-up to feel better about yourself, more confident is great but to use it to try and be beautiful for someone else is a bit of a waste of time because of the laws of attraction. Older women often use make-up as a disguise to try and recapture what they see as their ‘lost’ youth but is it really effective?

In these two pictures of Nicole Kidman, a truly beautiful woman, we can see how make-up can change our appearance. In the first picture the make-up is soft with colours blended perfectly, not applied to try and make the actress look younger but to enhance her natural beauty. In the second picture, the colours used are harsh and separate from each other leaving poor Ms Kidman looking a bit clown like and definitely older than her years.

Unfortunately many of us stick to the make-up habits we have acquired over the years and, as a result, we may be doing ourselves a disservice. Our faces change as we get older and so what we need to enhance and what we need to disguise will change as well. Many of us used make-up, when we were teenagers, to try and look older and more was definitely better – heavy foundation covering our pimples and heavy eye make-up to try and create and air of sophistication and mystery. Once you are into your 40’s and 50’s heavy foundation will settle into the lines on your face making you look much older than your years and heavy eye make-up will enhance crows feet and can make hooded eyes look far worse.

Try using a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation; the coverage will not be quite as good but your skin is being moisturised, the product won’t settle into the lines on your face, it will give a healthy glow rather than acting as a mask and you won’t need to worry about applying it perfectly as you do with foundation so it will save you time too! As the products are moisturiser based they also contain anti-oxidants which help to fight free radical damage which leads to signs of aging. You may decide to use foundation for an evening out where there will be no natural light but for every day a tinted moisturiser is definitely the way to go for a healthy, dewy look.

This make-up tutorial shows how to make hood eyes appear wider and less sunken. The skin on our eyelids and around our eyes is very delicate and, over time, it will become wrinkled and will start to sag making us look older than we really are. Cosmetic surgery is always an option but it’s painful and expensive so why not get good with a make-up brush and see what a difference you can make.

As we get older black is bad; black eyeliner, black mascara etc etc. will not make us look any younger, they will just look harsh and make our eyes look over done. Stick to subtle, neutral shades which blend well together.

It’s also worth asking an expert. We don’t mean spending an hour on a stool at a cosmetics counter in a department store necessarily as, in this environment, you often feel pressured into buying things that you don’t really want but it is definitely worth getting an objective opinion. We are often very critical of ourselves and don’t really see our faces as other people do therefore it’s difficult to know what to enhance and what to disguise – what we think of as a flaw others may see as the thing that really brings character to our face.

Try a consultation with a make-up artist, yes it may be expensive, but a trained professional may be able to help you really make the best of your features and will teach you how to apply make up properly.

It would be wonderful if all women in the world had the confidence in themselves to go every day without any make-up but, until that day comes, find the products that work best for you and take the time to learn how to apply them properly. Also bear in mind that pretty much everyone looks better when they smile!



Author: All About Life

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