Fashion at any Age

Looking great is 50% attitude and a great big smile works well with any outfit.

If you have a rummage around in your wardrobe and find nothing but comfy t-shirts and leggings, it might be time to update your style  but have you reached an age where you’re really not sure what suits you? Have you given up looking at fashion magazines because you’re 20 years older, six inches shorter and 2 stone heavier than all the models? Don’t worry, a teeny, tiny percentage of women look like the models in fashion magazines and even fewer without airbrushing, touch ups and the highly skilled fingers of a top make-up artist!

Finding what to wear as you get older is less to do with what’s appropriate for your age and more to do with what’s appropriate for your body type and your lifestyle. So here are a few tips on how you can make friends with your mirror again.

Foundations First

Invest in some really good underwear; even the most flattering outfit can be ruined by badly fitting bra and pants:

Make an appointment with a trained specialist to have your bust measured and then ask her to help you find the best style and fit of bra for you. It may not be the tiny scrap of pink lace that you’d love but it will give you the best shape possible under your clothes.bad underwear

Then think about pants, matching is always nice but not essential, what’s more important is that you buy the correct size; too tight pants can look like you’ve wrapped cheese wire around your backside – not pretty! Actually a too tight thong can even feel like cheese wire!


Body Shape  

There are four categories: Pear, Apple, Hour Glass and Straight (sometimes referred to as banana but that’s just taking the fruit analogy a bit too far!)

These pictures illustrate the various body types and also how celebs like to dress them. From left to right we have pear shaped: carry more weight around the bottom and thigh area. Apple shaped: weight is carried around the middle and upper sections of the body. Hourglass: bust and hip measurements are pretty much the same and the waist is significantly smaller. Straight: slim with no real curves. All of these women are different shapes and sizes but  they all look wonderful and they’ve all chosen outfits to suit their body shape. It’s really a case of ignoring fashion and working out what suits you; none of the women above would look any where near as good if they swapped outfits.

However, it’s not just a question of fitting clothes to your body shape, it’s also about how you wear them. What we refer to as ‘style’ is essentially just feeling comfortable and confident with the way we look, whatever our age. If your attitude is ‘I’m happy with the way I look and I don’t give a stuff what you think’ you will pull off pretty much any outfit but if you look for approval everywhere and constantly fiddle with your clothes because you’re not comfortable you’re not going to feel great in anything.

Looking great is 50% attitude and a great big smile works well with any outfit.

Author: All About Life

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